Ten Useful Tips on Men's Fashion

The right fit:

One of the key and most important aspects of fashion. You need to wear clothes that just fit right on your body. Not skin tight or not too loose that they begin to look like baggies either. Even the best of clothes can be ruined when the fit is not right on the person.

Don't rely only on brands:

You don't have to always be brand freak. Not all designs of a top brand have to be necessarily good. When you go to the stores and see the product of a designer you love just ask yourself the question 'Would I buy this if it had no logo on it?'

Learn to keep it simple:

This tip would normally hold good for all occasions formal, informal or even casual except for maybe Halloween. Refrain from using too many colours (more than three may mean trouble) and accessories that will give it a really cluttered look and would make you stand out for all the wrong reasons.


You don't have to stick to rules by the book all the time. Try and innovate to suit the occasion. It's always better to be a little bit overdressed than underdressed in any setting. Just give a though about the occasion and the person with whom you would be accompanying and try and step your fashion style by a notch.

Be wary of trends:

You don't need to shop or buy everything because it happens to be the talk of town. The problem of many a times with trying to be in trend is you end up buying clothes that have a very short life span and go out of vogue in no time. Instead learn to spend your hard earned money more wisely to build a wardrobe that is not only timeless but also tasteful and versatile.

Ask for feedback:

Get feedback from people who share your penchant for fashion. It always helps to get some tips that will help to identify your sense of fashion better and what more you could be doing on a personal level to enhance it.


This is another key aspect of men's fashion. You need to be groomed to suit the occasion. Maintain good standards of hygiene at all occasions. Clean shaven or stubble would purely depend on the look and occasion you have in mind and anything is fine provided you know how to pull it off.

Cultivate your image:

Your image is something that you always need to continuously work on. Spend time and money on your image and look and it sure to pay you rich dividends in the long run. Your sense and understanding of fashion also get enhanced the deeper you delve into it.

Pays to Look into Details:

It really will prove to be beneficial if you look into the details. People also do notice how you carry off your look. So make sure your look is alright. Details may include the way you use your scarf or your blazer pocket square or even the way you tie the knot of your tie. The richness of your look often lies in the attention you give to the details.

Nail it with a great pair of shoes:

People often judge you by your shoes. While it may be easy to present yourself in nice clean crisp clothes, shoes need a lot of work to keep the rich look of theirs going. So it pays to have a decent collection of shoes that suit various occasions and also make sure that they are maintained in pristine condition. Great shoes show that you're a man of taste.

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