Divorce is not the solution of Marital Conflict

Clashes among married couples are quite common. Any misapprehension can be solved through discussion or taking counseling from marriage counselor. One should never take hard steps of divorce. Couple must solve their problems themselves. On beautiful earth, all people have right to come closer and exhibit their feelings to each other. Nature is enriches with all resources and adornment. There are strict laws of nature. If some one violates these rules, he/ she have to suffer a lot.

When a person decides to marry to some one he loves, he must accept his partner's negative and positive qualities. He must also visit to marriage counselor to know whether they are physically or mentally fit for marriage or not. Marriage counselor asks some standard questions and concludes whether both people can lead successful life or not. After working out all these exercises, both of them should marry. Marriage is not only a union of two people who love each other but it brings two families closer. Healthy relationships are developed between two families. They share problems, happiness, achievements, sorrows and many other things. They all are emotionally attached to each other.

Sometimes it may be possible that family members have difference of opinion. But these can be resolved by mutual understandings and taking wise steps. Couples may quarrel. They fight each other. They have different habits and lifestyle. But they can adjust and protect their family life and secure their kids through an intelligent approach. A divorce is not a solution to their problems. Separation directly affects kids and elder members of family. It brings rejection from society. General public do not like such couples. It may sometimes affect professional career also. Everyone in society passes comment and makes fun of separated couple. Kid's schooling also suffers. In school, child can not adjust among his peer group. These problems become intense and affect grades in subjects. Sometimes, child may suffer from mental misbalance. It is better to make adjustment.

Nature has given a wonderful gift to live in this world. Couple must enjoy and understand each other's feelings. They must have optimistic attitude and always tries to think for each other. It will not only give couples a healthy and happy married life but also secures the future of kids and in turn build strong nation. There are many counseling centers which provide effective counseling to unite couples who have some misunderstanding on some issues. It is better to visit them instead thinking of divorce.

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