Man Handles Emotions in a Different Way

Human beings exhibit emotions in various circumstances. Both men and women express emotions in different manner. When men have trouble, they do not express their feelings openly and also do not look for the help of friends and family. The tendency of men is to hide their emotions or withdraw when they are upset whether it is personal or official reason.

They behave in such a manner because they are socialized to hide their emotions, be self-reliant, and act rather than feel. These strategies are often represented in film and television. Sometimes men learn through these Medias and adopt such behavior. Culture of society is also responsible for socializing ideal male behavior. They have to possess characteristics such as fearless, resourceful, stoic and usually facing adversity alone. Many men learn from their elder male figure in family such as fathers who are emotionally isolated, who hardly ever cry or expressed affection externally. The way person observe his parents, he behaves in such typical.

There are four basic human emotions which person experiences frequently in his life. These are sadness, anger, happiness and fear. Anger and happiness, are categorized as masculine behavior. It observed in natural situation that man gets angry frequently. If they face any hurdle or problem is not resolved quickly, they react in aggressive manner.

Fear and sadness emotions serve a valuable purpose and are normal responses to threat and loss. Actually man has been trained to repress their feelings; many men do not express themselves in words therefore it is difficult to understand their emotional state. These hidden feelings can lead to great frustration in relationship when they cannot express their needs, fears and grief. Most of the time, men are blamed by females that they never understand their emotional issues.

It is quite obvious that man can not understand feelings of women when they are in depressive state. It is because men cannot articulate their feelings or stand up for them. The limit of emotional expression in many men's lives can lead to many problems which include health issues, due to carrying chronic tension in the body. They may suffer from psychological problems such as depression, insomnia and anxiety.

Men can resolve their aggression or negative feelings in many ways. When they are feeling angry, they can ask question to self that what other emotions he might be feeling. Are they really sad underneath, or afraid? They can also find solutions of their questions when they think analytically. They must learn to put words to what they are feeling. Identifying and expressing feelings is learnt behavior. It only takes practice.

It is a fact that men and women experience the same level of sadness while watching any movie or any difficult situation occurs. It is not true that women are more emotional than men. Women explain their emotional problems more than men. Men are not taught to behave in emotional manner in our culture but in today's life, situation is changing because man and women both are working together. They face similar kind of problems in their life. They exhibit emotional feelings, share their tension and discuss to overcome numerous emotional hazards of life.

Note: Factors discussed above are based on experience and personal interviews with men. Writer is not responsible for any resemblance of personal or professional life of men.

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