5 Easy steps for the perfect shape

Always caught up in a rush to get to your office and you still haven't shaved yet? Here are just five simple tips to ensure you don't see blood early morning and you reach office with smooth and soft skin.

In today's corporate world male grooming has become a crucial and integral part. Every company has its own code of grooming etiquettes which they expect their employees to follow. A clean shave goes a long way in explaining the kind of person one can be and stands as a symbol of discipline and professionalism.

Here are the tips

Do it after your shower

Shaving post your shower makes the whole process a little easier and smoother. The water softens the bristles and opens the pores preparing the skin for a closer shave. Shaving in the shower is also a great technique and serves you precious time.

Apply alcohol free and soap free shaving lotion

Alcohol and soap based products do tend to dry the skin and for a clean shave the skin needs to be as wet as possible. It would be wiser to use a low foam product which will give you a better of how your shave is going.

Use a sharp blade

Always use a nice and sharp blade to shave. A dull blade will make the shave uneven and also cause irritation, itching and pimples. Periodically keep changing your blades depending on their durability.

Shave slowly with short strokes

Rather than long swipes, go for smaller strokes. This will give you more control and more precision. It pays to take time and complete a neat shave in one attempt than go for long strokes and having to repeat the process twice.

Rinse with cold water

Rinse you face with cold water and avoid using after shave at the very moment. After shaves usually contain alcohol and usually tend to dry up the skin. Instead you could use an alcohol free after shave which would protect and condition your skin making you more handsome the next time you stand in front of the mirror

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