Men prefer to marry at later stage

Men have to bear responsibility of whole family. In many regions of world, man is main earner therefore his career is given great importance. Though women are advancing and establishing their bright career but in many section of society, man has to look after his family members.

This is the one of the factor for delaying marriage. Many reports indicate that today, men do not favor to tie with women in early stage. Earlier, elders settle marriage and man was compelled to marry even though they were not ready mentally to take responsibility of partner. They have to follow family tradition and they do not have choice for life partners with whom they can share their professional or social problems. But the situation is changing rapidly. There are revolutionary changes observed in men's behavior.

In highly competitive world, men are not anxious to find the woman of their dreams. This is because they are not ready for a loyal relationship. There are other factors which considerably influence modern men's outlook toward commitment. Men are suffering from little social pressure to get married. They want to focus on career and their aspirations are more than earlier man. Such as today, man has a desire to get good job, own house and other resources before the start of marriage life.

Another important factor for delaying marriage is that men fear the possible outcomes in the likely event the relationship does not work out. When marriage association break, man suffers from immense emotional stress and there is more risk of financial losses they may suffer if and when confronted with divorce proceedings.

If man is highly educated and working in MNC, he may expect partner of his standard so that he can build good social network and rise. These professional spend more time to choose their companion and wish to marry a women when they get suitable match. Men also delay marriage because it can cause drastic changes to their lives. After marriage, they have to spend more time at home.

Bachelors can sit long hours in office, they are free to go any where they want. But married man has some responsibilities. All these restrictions irritate man. It is assumed by man that bachelors are free and make bright career than married man. Sometimes in a family, man observes that family problems hinder career growth so these men do not marry early in life. Although men know very well the changes that marriage brings, they accepted them as part of duty.

Some may think that marriage ceremony is exciting but it brings troubles. This is a traditional view and not all men think in such a negative way. Simply men do not want to bear responsibility, do compromise and sacrifice in early life.

They want to live married life when they decide to take what they consider the final push. Finally, it can be said that men prefer to marry when they make up their mind to smoothly run their family and make happy their partner. They don't want to live life under pressure.

Note: Factors discussed above are based on experience and personal interviews with men. Writer is not responsible for any resemblance of personal or professional life of men.

From : Ragini Sinha

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