Tips to Help You Pick the Perfect Neck Tie

Getting ready for an important in quick time while also looking sleek and smart is no mean task A man in a suit is always a pretty charming sight and a perfect looking neck tie only add to the look and charisma. So picking an apt tie to have the killer look does go long way in doing your image the justice it deserves. Here are three quick useful tips that you can consider when you need to choose a matching neck tie.

Neck Tie Colour

While picking a tie the first thing that you must ensure is that the colour combination of all the garments your about to wear are all in perfect harmony. You need to make sure tat the tie you have chose only accentuates the look of your outfit rather it being overpowering. Take the tie and place it with outfits. If in doubt always trust your first impression.

If the doubt still lingers then it does make sense to stick on to the tried and tested formats. Non-bright red and to a lesser extent gold and blue will go with most dark suits and white or light to medium-blue shirt combinations.

Neck Tie Pattern

Ties come in many varieties from stripes, checked to paisleys and also uniformly single coloured. Picking the right pattern can often be a tricky business but you get the hang of it with practice. The rule for matching patterns is that no two pieces of clothing should utilize the same pattern size and to a lesser degree pattern type. For ex the distance between stripes on your shirt should not resemble with that of your tie.

The combination would appear disturbed or distorted depending on the likeness and would look unattractive. Instead matching a subtle pin-striped suit with a larger check patterned dress shirt and intricate paisley pattern tie is cool way to go about it.

Necktie Proportion

After taking into account colour and pattern ten you also look into the body frame of the person about to wear the tie. Usual standard width of tie is around 3.5 inches which should look good on a man over may have bulky frame or a little over weight. On the other hand a skinny person can use tie that even little less than 3 inches in width and still be able to carry of the look. At the same time it would look a little ridiculous if bulky person decides to wear a thin tie.

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