Strong Family Relationship makes Healthy Society

A family in any society consists of an inherited group of people who are related with by birth or marriage. It is a relation between parents and children, relations between spouses or between grand parents and grandson. Good family relationships are vital for the development of child's personality. Developing healthy relation is in the hand of family members. Their habits, way of working, problem solving approach all together makes a home haven or hell. All of us want home to be a place where we can relax and be ourselves, and recover from the conflicts of the external world.

There are different types of family structure in Indian culture. In past, there were joint families because members were involved in home business or farming. They live together and jointly work in specialized area to generate income for family. There are many benefits for joint family. Children can get better environment. Many members are there to take care in case of any problem. There were less security problems. Members enjoy their festival with full enthusiasm. Still there are happy joint families. But in modern times, nuclear families are developing. Sons or daughters have to leave parent's house for job and they have separate unit. They have to face many problems but somehow they manage because it is necessary for earning money. There is some freedom in nuclear family. Individual can take his own decision to make their future bright. They can ignore some orthodox belief.

Family relationships never lose colors. Though there may be some disagreement between family members. It is very imperative that everyone must remain trustworthy to all relatives and spend lots of time with them. It will augment relationship and can avoid major family conflicts. In order to solve family relationship problems, everyone need to go off his consciousness up a level and take a deeper look at his values, beliefs, and his characterization of terms like loyalty and family. Family member must share their problems and take major decision in discussion with each member of the family.

Families who have high moral values have prestigious status in society and they are the ideal for those people in society who are confused or did not learn good ethics in teenage. Living with unity and following ethics, families can contribute to eradicate societal problems. It is observed that in hi tech world, people do not have any relation with neighbor. All are too busy in their work. They don't have time to expand social relationship. So, there is a need to develop strong relationship by following family traditions which provides a good base for bringing the family closer together. We all must step forward to unite family members, respect elders to create an atmosphere of affection.

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