How to Dress on a Date

Dressing up appropriately for a date can often be a tricky business. It always pays to make a good first impression and dressing up well for a date is a great way to start the evening. Here are a few simple tips that you can consider before going out. While it's not guaranteed to win you a second date, it should certainly help put you in the running.

It's ok to be conventional, but have an edge

Your sense of dressing says a lot about you. A conventional look works fine but you can add something to your style that will just give that slight edge about you that will catch her interest from the start. A simple splash of colour will often do the trick, but basic patterns can work just as well. Most girls would like to date guys who dress and carry themselves smartly than a guy who tends to be loud and attention seeking in every sort of way possible.

The focus should be you, not your clothes

When you go a first day the biggest thing that can possible impress her is the person and the underlying character of who he is. Making loud statements like wearing loud shirts often can be not only distracting but annoying as well. You would want the girl to look at you rather than stealing quick glances at your clothes.

Go easy on the Cologne

Its important to smell nice on a date but you should be careful with how cologne you use. Too much will mean you date is going to end up feeling nauseated. Avoid going too far and mixing up your scents; keep things plain and simple wherever possible. A light dab should do the trick for you.


Good Grooming to a large sense gives the impression that you are man who pays attention to the way you look. A neat shave or even light stubble can be nice turn on. At the same time avoid going overboard. Plucked eye brows and the likes are often not like among a lot of women.


Its better avoid going out with a dramatically different hair style on your date night.

While you can use a small amount of hair product (gel, wax, etc) for control issues, too much might not be a very good idea. Crusty, flaky hair is a deal breaker for most people

Feel comfortable in your clothes

Above all you should feel comfortable in what you are wearing. If you aren't you are going to come across as fidgety or worse - fake. So its fine balance at the end of the day and a little bit of thought to the way you look and how you come across on your date could probably even help you go all the way.

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