How can husband find cheerfulness at home?

Home is not just a construction of walls and rooms. People, who live in home, must have affectionate feelings among each other. Generally male member do not spend much time in his home but he knows his responsibilities. Husband needs a home which appears to be heaven of his own. He wants that other members should treat him in politely and understand his emotions. He must feel the home as his resting place.

Without a home, man becomes a restless, disappointed and isolated. It is necessary to find peace at home. There are many ways by which husband can please himself and his family to live calmly at home. First of all, he must sincerely perform his duties such caring for kids, bring necessary things for family, and understand problems of family. He must check whether important needs of family are met or not, everyone is getting nourishes meal. Husband deserves good nourishing meals. If he has sound relationship with wife, he will get breakfast at time. He may feel good if she respond in nice manner.

Husband deserves an economic security. He must know that his wife spend money wisely. If she is spending money in irrelevant things, he must stop her by convincing her that our budget is limited. These small factors are very important in creating joyful atmosphere at home.

Husband must develop healthy personal relationship with wife to get peace at home. She can act as his helpmate, meets his needs, if she view her husband positively.

Husband must give honor to his wife for she is contributor of the decent life.

He must uncomplainingly accept the impetuosity of his wife. Women get disturbed if her husband behaves in aggressive manner for just a simple mistake. The husband in any case must not have affairs with any other woman but to his one and only wife.

The husband must not harm his wife by word or action. Woman is a delicate creative, and not endued with such a gracious courage as the man. The husband must be a good provider of his family. He takes the full liability for food, clothing. He must provide for his wife and her housekeeping according to his ability. The husband, in disagreements with his wife, must sometimes admit himself defeated by her.

He must assure certain things to find calm at home. He must check whether he is allocating appropriate amount of the family income to his wife to spend as she chooses, without accounting.

If he loves his wife, he must always be fresh in every moment of his life. He must be willing to be supportive to his wife in sharing responsibilities, taking care of children. He must not to criticize nor condemn his wife in front of other people and take interest in and respect for her intellectual life.

Husband feels so proud and delightful if he has a gracious wife and mother of their children. If he respects his wife, she will enhance the morale and spiritual aspects of his husband. Husband must learn to discover and appreciate every good qualities or characters of her wife. It will result in happy family where husband can find relief and stress free life.

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