Status of Husband in Different Culture

Man in the role of husband has different position and duties in diverse culture. In Western culture, wife and husband are considered to be equal in their rights and responsibilities.

The status of marriage allows the husband and his spouse to speak on each other's behalf when one is incapacitated (e.g., in a loss of consciousness); a husband is also responsible for his wife's children in states where he is automatically assumed to be the biological father. A married man in this culture commonly wears his wedding ring on the ring finger; whether on the left or right hand, depends on the country's tradition.

In Muslim married relationship, husband's role is to protect the household and his wives. The prime duty of a Muslim husband is to arrange food clothing and shelter to his wife and to his children as a result of the marriage. Women have no financial duty towards supporting the family and it is the main duty of the men to secure whole family financially. The Muslim husband is also required to give his wife company and not do anything that would harm his wife.

The various rights and obligations offer the husband opportunities denied to his wife or wives, not only in legal and economical affairs of the family but within the family as well. It has been observed that domestic violence is common among Muslims. On the other hand, Muslim people today may also agree on an absolutely equal relationship.

In Hindu culture, a Hindu husband usually took his wife to his home. Wife is the family member of family and she has to follow all traditions and customs according to husband's family. Husband has to look after her and fulfill all requirements of his wife.

Equal rights for women and a modern jurisdiction have offered marriage out of love and civil marriage, different from the traditional arranged marriages. In Hindu law, the male members of a joint family, together with their wives, widows, and children, are supposed to support out of the joint property. Hindu tradition does not allow husband to contact with women who are not his wife and he is to provide for his wife's material needs.

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