Aadhar Card For NRIs

What is Aadhaar Card?

  There is a great facility from Central Government of India to issue Aadhaar card to the NRI (non resident Indians). The Aadhaar card was previously called as Unique Identification card or UID. The Planning Commission has developed policy to make Unique identification project that would provide identification for each resident all over the nation and would be used mainly as the basis for well-organized delivery of welfare services.

Can an NRI apply for aadhar card?

   The adhar card is being made known as a national identity and carry a unique sixteen digit number affiliated to each individual. Only Indian residents can use this card for their identification in India. But the NRI population is growing fast and they have an important role to expedite development in country, therefore the government has planned, to add a special provision to issue this card to the non resident Indians.

How to apply aadhar card for NRI?

   The Aadhar identification through this unique code, only one in that number series never duplicated, will have in its data base the complete bio metric and demographic data of that one particular individual only. That is why it carries the prefix Unique. Necessarily, the NRIs also have to submit for biometric and iris recordings, such as finger prints and eye ball recordings, apart from producing basic identity documents.

Eligibility criteria for aadhar card.

   As per the information available, any resident of India, Non Resident Indian (NRI) or any foreign citizen residing in India can apply for Aadhaar. It is stated in eligibility criteria that person of any age can apply for Aadhaar number. A child of age less than 3 years does not need giving biometric information and in this case Aadhaar will be related to the parents or guardian of that child. However, that child needs to give his/her biometric information when he is of 5 years in age. For a child who has enrolled for Aadhaar and is of the age of 5 to 15 years has to give his/her biometric information again when his/her age becomes 15 years. This process of re-registering is essential because the biometrics of a person changes with age. It is available free all citizen and residents of India, including NRIs and resident foreign nationals, regardless of the their citizenship.

Aadhar card importance

   The main purpose of keeping this card is to prove identity as Indian residents and the number given is related to the centralized data base. This data base includes biometric, demographic and other relevant information, which is essential to recognize a person. The information about Non resident Indians will make database of unique identification authority of India more precise.

Can NRIs apply for aadhar card Online

   If any NRI or a Foreigner is willing to apply for the AADHAAR card, they have to be physically present at any of the AADHAAR card center in India. They can apply at any of the open AADHAAR card center near their location in India. There is no provision to get an aadhaar card at Indian Embassies outside India, either. There is also no provision to apply for Adhar Card online either. NRI applicants can only take a prior appointment for a future date online.

How To Get Aadhar Card For Nri - Steps

Procedure to get a Card

   The process and requirements for the aadhaar card for NRI is analogous to the Indian citizens. The Steps for registrations of Aadhar card for NRI are as follows:
The NRI applicant must provide the basic NRI identity, such as Green Card of USA, where the individual is currently put up, also the identity proof from the establishment in which they are employed or engaged. This is to establish the genuineness of the NRI requiring to stay in a particular country.

First of all verifying all documents:

   Candidates who apply for aadhaar card must have all documents that are to be submitted in photocopy for establishing their identity as an NRI. These documents are thoroughly checked by concerned officials. an NRI will also have to produce documents such as birth certificate, school certificate and photo identity card, his connection along with foreign  country in which they are living or holding the Green card. Other documents such as their stay and service in the foreign country are needed to be produced in case of inquiry. These documents are compulsory for all the candidates.

 Next step is finger tip biometric scanning:

  The responsible officials will carry out biometric scanning of all the ten fingers which is important to make perfect identity. Biometric scan will make candidate’s recognition more precise and exclusive. To do this, candidates have to visit the Aadhar card enrolment center personally. This data will be stored in the government database of the citizen.

Third step is Biometric scanning of Iris:

   Officials also performed scanning of Iris will be scanned to establish candidate’s identity. The biometric iris scanning will also processed in the aadhaar enrolment center along with the finger. These scans will make candidate’s identity unique among large population of India.
Lastly, photograph will be taken by the web-cam and added to the overall Aadhar card documents. After this step, candidate’s official documents will be completed.

   After completing all above steps, candidate’s aadhaar card will be posted to given postal address within three months. Candidates can also check their aadhaar card status online in website and download aadhaar card online. The aadhaar card of non resident Indians will take same time as the resident Indians aadhaar card.

NRI Pan Card

   Pan card has been made mandatory for NRIs if they have a taxable income in India. NRIs not having the Pan card cannot do share trading and hence, it they want to invest in equities, they have to apply for this ID and get it sooner.

   Also, if an NRI wants to buy a property in India, then he has to obtain the Pan card to enable the transaction. An NRI applicant will have to fill Form 49AA online at the site https://tin.tin.nsdl.com/pan/form49AA.html and submit the form. However, a qualified foreign investor (QFI) has to apply for PAN in Form 49AA through a Depository Participant only.

   International taxation code should be used while filling the online Form 49AA and in case that is not correctly available then DLC -35-C-1 can be used (presently this is used). If the applicant has no Indian address then, a foreign address can be given as residential address.