NRI Employment

NRI Jobs

Why a well-placed NRI in the United States or Europe wants to return home? Simple. India is opening up and there are now jobs that can fulfill the aspirations of NRIs working abroad.

Not just in terms of financial package, but ease of doing business and making work-life balance smoother are all factors that draw more NRIs to return to India for good. Besides, the companies they are working abroad are willing to send them to India on long deputation.

In the last decade or so, there is a realisation that money is not everything and having an enriching social and familial experience is the key to a happy life. Hence, there is growing number of NRIs searching for good placement opportunities in their home town.

NRI Staffing

There are organizations that offer recruitment solutions to NRIs who are looking for placement opportunities in both India and other places in the world. Run by NRIs themselves, these staffing offices in major cities of the world have well-researched databases in their network systems that help them to offer tailor-made solutions to various needs of those looking for change in workplace.

While some talent recruiters offer their services for a prescribed fee, others tie-up with their clients to provide a steady stream of personnel with right qualifications as part of a business transaction. Countries having a sizeable number of NRIs do have firms offering staffing solutions to service the needs of their community.