Major Challenge For NRIs To Adjust In Indian Conditions

   Non-Resident Indians (NRIs) who have gone abroad to live and work and may like return home must be aware that living and working conditions in India is not so smooth as they may think so.

   There are various issues that they have to be tackled while living in India and they must make be aware of them before they make up their plans to return home.  The main hurdles may include cultural, logistical and economic etc.

   One of the major challenges NRIs have to face is the rebuilding of healthy relationship with their relatives, friends and others. They have to follow all the procedures of customs and traditions and participate in cultural and religious festivals.

   NRIs placed at high position in companies abroad are accustomed to a certain lifestyle. Their lifestyle in foreign countries is completely different and they may find living conditions in India a big problem. They may have to face problems like hygiene, and other such life style related issues.

   In area of health care, NRIs may have to face many challenges as Indians are prone to diseases. Abroad they may have availed superior medical facilities but in India, to find a good doctor they have to struggle.

   NRIs who have worked in high position in foreign countries may face problem in adjusting in Indian companies because working conditions in Indian companies are quite different from the conditions in companies they have worked abroad.

   Some of NRIs come to India with the aim to establish their own business but may face many hurdles. They must be prepared to pass through many legal and business obstacles.

   The big concern for NRIs is their kids who may find sudden change in their lifestyle for which they are not prepared. They face problems adjusting in Indian schools. NRI kids may face problem in interaction with their pear group who may like to converse in the local language while they prefer talking in English.

   NRI kids have to struggle adjusting Indian lifestyle. There are vast difference in values and habits of NRI kids and Indian children. It is observed that NRI’s who are thinking of returning back must fully understand the living conditions of India before they make any such discussion.

   They must be prepared to tackle all such issues if plan to start their life in a better way in India.