Care and Caution in NRI Marriagess

   NRI marriages are visualized as status symbol in Indian society because it is considered that NRI’s life is much better then in India. Many girls are fond of NRIs groom and when they engaged with them, they think that all their dreams will be fulfilled. However in some cases, it is bitter experience in such marriages and it’s the women have to suffer a lot in such situations.

    There are many cases reported against NRIs for their misconduct in marital relationships. It creates problems for the brides married to NRI. This happens because parents do not verify the groom’s identity, job and family. They completely overlook even the common cautions that are observed in conventional matchmaking. 

   Several cases of NRI marriages have been brought out from different states of the India. It has been reported that NRI husband live for a short time after marriage with his wife and return to foreign country where he works with a promise to send ticket to the bride but this never happens. In such cases, women have to suffer. Those who become pregnant have to undergo pain and suffering and the child born of such wedlock is often neglected.

   There are cases of NRI marriages where the woman goes with her husband to the foreign country where he works but is beaten, abused and mentally tortured by her husband or in laws.  She is forced to run away from such situation but is not accepted by her parents and society.

   When such girls return to their parents they are pressurised to continue marriage and stay with her husband at his country of residence as they have giving  huge sum of money as dowry and fulfilled their responsibilities.

   There are cases where NRI groom is already married in the foreign country and he ties a knot with an India girl to placate his parents. Such cases are discovered only after the marriage and have no answers to handle such situation.

   In some cases, it is seen that NRI groom gives false information of his job, immigration status, earning, property, marital status and other particulars before marriage. Females are usually victim of such fraudulent information.

   Generally, NRI marriages are fixed in a short period of time, without doing proper investigation about the facts of the bridegrooms and ultimately, girls becomes a victim. Therefore it is advisable to check the details thoroughly before making any such alliances.

Guidelines for NRI marriage

   There is some information that is must to know for those considering marriage with a NRI boy. First of all, the girl’s parents must gather thorough information about details such as qualification, post, salary, official / residential address, and employer and its credentials, Immigration status, type of visa, eligibility to take spouse to the other country etc. It must be assured that groom has voter or alien registration card, social security number. Also check the NRI groom’s marital status, which will be there on the passport.

   While fixing marriage girl’s parents must be in touch with the NRI groom and his family in India. It is essential to know the family background, financial status, residential address in India.

   The most important thing is that the marriage should be registered in India along with the religious marriage with sufficient visual proof like photographs and video graphs.

   Parents must advice their daughter to maintain strong link with them while residing in abroad and immediately inform them in case of any difficulty they face.

  Females marrying a NRI must keep a list of contact details of neighbours, friends, relatives, husband’s employer, police, ambulance, and the Indian embassy or high commission before leaving her country of origin.

   She must keep record of husband’s personal details including passport, visa, property details, license number, social security number, voter or alien registration card, among others. These things will help her to resolve any serious issues like abuse or neglect, domestic violence arise in foreign country.

   It is important to leave photocopies of all important documents including your passport, visa, bank and property documents, marriage certificate and other essential papers and phone numbers with parents or other trusted relatives in India. These copies will be useful in case they are lost or taken away, mutilated, or destroyed by spouse or in-laws.

   It is imperative for the bride to open a bank account in foreign country where she is going so that money could be sent to her in case of any emergency.

Divorce Issue

   Divorce is very common in NRI marriages. Statistical data indicate that majority of women in metropolitan cities tie knots with NRI grooms and then settle in a foreign country to get better life. However, many of such marriages results in divorce due to various reasons.

   Indian government is concerned about such marriages and Ministry of Women and Child Development has issued a notice that two concurrently valid passports to married women who migrate from India to reside with their husbands in overseas and the second passport would include information about a woman’s non-resident Indian spouse, serve as her proof of marriage, and it should be deposited with the Indian Embassy/Consulate in the country where she is going to reside.

Legal clause for NRI divorce

   Non-Resident Indians settled abroad or on work permit who have serious matrimonial issues often faces intricate situation in divorce, dissolution and child custody.  They have alternative to file divorce case in India. But, major problem for them is direct interaction with his/her prospective Divorce Attorney to recognize the complex issues of tarns-border divorce cases and NRI Divorce Laws.

   A person who has married an NRI and wants divorce should have thorough knowledge of fundamental laws associated with NRI divorce process. If both the spouses are Indians and married under Hindu marriage Act, 1955, then they can get divorce with mutual consent under section 13-B that provides for divorce by mutual consent.

   If both the spouses live in foreign country, then they can get divorce by mutual consent under the country's divorce laws related to foreign marriages. The Indian legal system will decide the divorce only if it is with the permission of both the parties.

   The main issue in NRI marriage the girl’s parents should be aware of the legal proceedings in case of breakdown of marriage and should gather as much information as possible on this.

   Last but not the least, while settling a marriage it is better to find compatible partner rather than get enamoured by the NRI tag.

NRI Matrimonial

   NRI marriages are commonly referred to as between an Indian woman and an NRI or a people of Indian origin (PIO). Usually families in India in their anxiety not to let go the attractive marriage prospects to a rich NRI settled abroad for their daughters willfully ignores the precautions that are taken while searching for a marriage alliance.

   Sometimes they are unaware of the fact that if the marriage did not work, then the women's case turns complicated as she gets no moral and psychological support in an alien land. Moreover, if the NRI husband is cruel and a sadist, he may go to any extent to torment her and prevent her from uniting with her parents back home in India.

   If the woman is not highly educated then her problem compounds as she has to face total isolation far away from home facing language and social barriers. Due to lack of proper communication, she may not be able to tell her plight to the local police station to get judicial remedy in the foreign land.

   Taking advantage of the situation where there is no support network for his wife, the NRI husband may make life miserable to achieve his criminal objectives.

   Hence, Indian families have to check more than twice the antecedents of the prospective NRI groom for their daughters before fixing the alliance in order to avoid miserable post-marriage tragedies.

NRI Grooms

   Given the robust salary growth in India across industrial and services sectors, many NRIs who are eligible bachelors are coming back to India for good as their motherland can now afford to pay what they demand in terms of 'pay and perks'. However, NRI grooms column in matrimonial sites and in weekend newspapers are most read by parents having daughters of marriageable age.

   Many in courts in India have warned parents time and again to check the credentials of prospective NRI grooms before fixing the marriage alliances. But still we read and hear many horror stories in foreign lands where newly wedded couples are estranged with the NRI husband resorting to harassment and mental torture of his Indian wife and compelling her to lead a western-way of life.

   The Indian families before searching for an NRI groom must find out from their daughters if she is first interested in getting married to such a person and would be able to adapt to a totally different lifestyle. Only if she gives the green signal, the parents can begin searching for a partner abroad for their daughters.

   Of late, the foreign embassies have begun to scrtunise the papers for issuing visas to Indian women married to NRIs before they make travel plans for reaching her husband's country. The educational background of the women, her social status and whether she can adapt to a new society are also enquired into by foreign officials before she is given the visa permit.

NRI Brides

   In Indian society, an NRI bride looking for Indian groom is a rare occurrence. If at all an Indian woman settled or working abroad is looking for well-educated Indian as a life partner, then it may be because of reasons like social security, family compulsions or she may be really patriotic and aims to come to India soon and settle her with her extended husband's family.

   However, a well-employed Indian man or those in business may be averse to get married to NRI bride as he may have commitments like taking care of his parents, work-related objectives and financial goals. But if he falls in love with an NRI woman through social media like Facebook and LinkedIn, then it is different issue.

   But rest assured in male-centric society like ours, it will be really difficult for NRI brides to get a suitable groom from India due to factors like financial status, social background and the impractical situation of a groom have to migrate to a foreign land and make adjustments there to live with his NRI wife.