NRI News

Though fully engaged and active in foreign countries, NRIs do look upon their motherland as a source of inspiration and are quite eager to know what's happening back home. As local newspapers and media, give India a miss in their coverage, the Indian diaspora hits the cyber highway to keep themselves abreast of the latest happenings in their native land.

For millions of professionals working abroad, the internet is the only source of live information on India. Hence, it is not surprising to find that Indian Americans or workers in the Gulf region, log in to the internet to know real time events and incidents which may impact their lives in a certain way.

For example, an NRImay like to know aboutnew regulations governing opening of accounts, remittances or purchase any property. He may want to know about current changes in visa restrictions and more allowance for baggage at city airports.

This section will serve two-fold benefits to NRIs – they can expect the news and happenings they are looking for.Besides, any policy changes, announcements or decisions by the government that impact NRIs will be highlighted in this section. This section will provide NRIs all the news, views and details for them to make informed choices related to say, remittances, bank transaction, investment or any other commitments.

  Here is the latest NRI news for all non-resident Indians the World over.