Fabulous accessories selection for your baby’s first birthday

  Parents are always excited to celebrate the first birthday of their baby. They want to plan something unique on this occasion. Though party preparations can be organized in association with planners and caterers but selecting a stylish outfit, shoes, caps and other accessories is really confusing for parents.

  Their cute baby is having its first birthday and it should be memorable therefore exclusive collection of kids wear is necessary. First of all, parents must decide the accessories and list them all.

   For their convenience, general items for first birthday include baby’s special dress, crowns, bloomers, hair band (girls), baby shoes or sandals, stylish bibs, scarf, gloves, socks and toys etc. Parents can add other items as per their budget. An attractive picture frame may be of great enchantment for the baby as well as for the parents because first birthday of baby is really significant for parents and whole families.

   While choosing all accessories for baby, care must be taken that it give comfort to the baby and he/she must be happy on that special occasion. To make this auspicious moment more exciting, parents can plan three outfits for the baby; that is for the morning, noon and evening dresses. There is a trend in modern times that the baby can wear informal dress in the morning.

   It can be a simple frock for girls and some loose T shirt and lower for boys. Because parents conduct prayers for the baby according to their religion in the morning, sometimes you can make them wear tiny traditional dresses. In the noon, outfit must be more alluring because celebration at home starts from this time. It is suggested to purchase Capri with attractive top for girls and Hosiery dresses for boys.

   Parents must assure that baby gets comfort after wearing dresses. In the evening, the time is for a gala party, outfit must be exceptional like designer long frock with attractive cap or scarf and beautifully laced shoes for girls. Boys can wear some kind of jacket and jeans with stylish hat and shining shoes.  On this colorful party, toys have immense importance. Please do not forget to bring birthday crown for all but it should be different for your baby.

   Dresses for this day must be stylish, have attractive look and conform to the rules of baby costume.  There are array of varieties for dolls in shops and soft toys are also available in the market. It is highly recommended that parents must avoid sharp edges toys and any type of electronic toy cars because small baby only likes to play with soft toys. For shopping birthday accessories, parents can also visit Baby Boutique as they offer numerous accessories to make your baby's birthday exhilarating.

   Some parents are fond of sporty dress for baby. It is a good choice because their baby will look attractive as well as he/ she can wear such dresses later on. Another fashionable outfit for baby can be tie and dye print designer dress. It will reflect traditional values but also match with modern style. It is to inform parents that first birthday dresses are available in different in sizes in baby dress showrooms such as for 12 month, 18 months, and 24 month.

  These showrooms have nice collection of bibs, t shirts and jeans according to 1st birthday occasion. First birthday is pleasurable moment for family therefore it is essential to make this time happy through good collection of accessories and takes care of baby.

  Parents must think in what way their kid will be happy. For example, baby shoes. Though very young baby does not require shoes but it is usually purchased on their first birthday to dress up child properly. When purchasing shoes for the baby, parents must check whether it will provide warmth and protection. The baby needs shoes just to shield their toes.

   Therefore soft booties or socks can better serve this purpose. Another important factor to keep in mind is that baby’s footwear should have about half an inch of growth room from the longest toe to the front of the shoe otherwise there are chances of tripping your baby. It advised to all parents that they must avoid usually stiff, high-top, hard-sole shoes that were used earlier in India for babies. First birthday of baby is special time for all and perfect outfit, toys, shoes and hats will make the moment more blissful.


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