Hindu baby boy names starting with V

Here is a list of Hindu baby boy names starting with V. We have listed both boys and girls names starting with V on this page. If we have omitted any names that you know of please send it to us with its meaning.These names have been taken from secondary sources and could be wrongly projected, therefore please recheck with friends and your family members before naming your child.

Hindu Baby Boy Names

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Hindu Baby Boy Names Starting with- V

Name Gender Meaning Type
Vaaman Boy Lord Vishnu U
Vaarin Boy Ocean U
Vachaspati Boy Lord Of Speech U
Vadin Boy Speaker U
Vadish Boy Lord Of The Body U
Vagindra Boy Lord Of Speech C
Vagish Boy God Of Speech ( Lord Brahma) U
Vahin Boy Lord Shiva U
Vaibhav Boy Richness,Glorious; Powerful; Prosperity U
Vaijayi Boy Victor U
Vaikartan Boy Name Of Karna U
Vaikhan Boy Lord Vishnu U
Vaikunth Boy Abode Of Vishnu C
Vainavin Boy Lord Shiva U
Vairaj Boy Spiritual Glory U
Vairaja Boy Son Of Virat U
Vairat Boy Gem U
Vairinchya Boy Lord Brahma's Son U
Vairochan Boy Lord Vishnu's Son U
Vajasani Boy Lord Vishnu's Son U
Vajendra Boy Lord Indra U
Vajradhar Boy Lord Indra U
Vajrahast Boy Lord Shiva U
Vajrajit Boy Lord Indra U
Vind Boy To Gain U
Vajramani Boy Diamond C
Vajrin Boy Lord Indra U
Vakrabhuj Boy Lord Ganesh U
Vallabh Boy Dear, Beloved U
Vallabha Boy Beloved U
Valmiki Boy Saint Who Wrote Ramayan C
Vama Boy Lord Shiva U
Vamadev Boy Lord Shiva U
Vaman Boy Short U
Vanad Boy Cloud U
Vanadev Boy Lord Of The Forest U
Vanamalin Boy Lord Krishna U
Vandan Boy Salutation U
Vanij Boy Lord Shiva C
Vaninadh Boy Husband Of Saraswati (The Goddess Of Knowledge) U
Vaninath Boy Husband Of Goddess Saraswati U
Vanraj Boy King Of Forest U
Vansh Boy Coming Generation Of Father U
Vish Boy Poison U
Vansidhar Boy Lord Krishna U
Varad Boy God Of Fire U
Varadraj Boy Lord Vishnu U
Varana Boy Holy River U
Vardhan Boy Lord Shiva C
Varesh Boy Lord Shiva U
Vareshvar Boy Lord Shiva U
Varin Boy Gifts U
Varindra Boy Lord Of All U
Varish Boy Lord Vishnu U
Variya Boy Excellent One U
Variyas Boy Lord Shiva U
Varun Boy God Of The Water, Neptune C
Varunesh Boy Lord Of Water U
Vasant Boy Spring Season C
Vasav Boy Lord Indra U
Vasava Boy Lord Indra U
Vasavaj Boy Son Of Indra U
Vasavi Boy Son Of Indra U
Vasu Boy Wealth, Lord Vishnu VC
Vasudev Boy Lord Krishna's Father, The God Of Wealth C
Vasuman Boy Born Of Fire U
Vasumat Boy Lord Krishna U
Vasupati Boy Rich Man U
Vasur Boy Precious U
Vasuroop Boy Lord Shiva U
Vatatmaj Boy Lord Hanuman U
Vatsa Boy Son U
Vatsal Boy Love; Affection U
Vatsapal Boy Lord Krishna U
Vatsin Boy Lord Vishnu U
Vayu Boy Lord Hanuman U
Vayujat Boy Lord Hanuman U
Vayun Boy Lively U
Vayunand Boy Lord Hanuman U
Vayya Boy Friend U
Ved Boy Sacred Knowledge U
Vedamohan Boy Lord Krishna U
Vedang Boy From The Vedas U
Vedant Boy Hindu Philosophy U
Vedanth Boy The One Who Has Read The Vedas U
Vedatman Boy Lord Vishnu U
Vedbhushan Boy One Adorned With Knowledge Of The Vedas U
Vedesh Boy Lord Of Vedas U
Vedprakash Boy Light Of Vedic Knowledge U
Vyom Boy Sky U
Veer Boy Brave U
Veera Boy Brave U
Veerbhadra Boy The Ashwamedha Horse C
Veerendra Boy Lord Of The Brave C
Velan Boy Lord Shiva's Son VC
Venavir Boy Venavir U
Venkat Boy Lord Vishnu; Lord Krishna U
Venkatesh Boy Lord Vishnu; Lord Krishna VC
Viamrsh Boy Lord Shiva U
Vibhakar Boy One Emitting Light ( Eg Sun, Fire) U

Please comment on the above names. Please point out any errors & also please tell us how common / unique these hindu baby boy names are