Hindu baby boy names starting with G

Here is a list of Hindu baby boy names starting with G. We have listed both boys and girls names starting with G on this page. If we have omitted any names that you know of please send it to us with its meaning.These names have been taken from secondary sources and could be wrongly projected, therefore please recheck with friends and your family members before naming your child.

Hindu baby boy names Starting with- G

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U= Unique, C= Common, VC= Very Common
Name Gender Meaning Type
Gagan Boy The Sky, Heaven C
Gagandeep Boy A Lamp In The Sky C
Gajanan Boy One With An Elephant Face ( Lord Ganesh) C
Gajendra Boy Elephant King (Lord Airavat) VC
Gajendranath Boy Owner Of Gajendra (Lord Indra) C
Gaman Boy Hindu Boy U
Ganaraj Boy Lord Of The Clan VC
Gandharaj Boy King Of Scent , Sandal - Wood C
Gandharva Boy Musicians Of Gods U
Ganesh Boy Son Of Lord Shiva & Parwati , The Elephant -Headed God VC
Gangadhar Boy One Who Wears Ganga (Lord Shiva), Ocean C
Gangadutt Boy Gift Of Ganga C
Gangesh Boy Lord Shiva VC
Garv Boy Proud U
Gatik Boy Fast; Progressive U
Gaurang Boy Fair Complexioned U
Gaurav Boy Honor, Respect, Pride C
Gaurikant Boy Husband Of Gauri ( Lord Shiva) C
Gaurinandan Boy Garland of Flowers C
Gaurinath Boy Husband Of Gauri ( Lord Shiva) C
Gaurish Boy Lord Shiva C
Gaurishankar Boy To Worship C
Gautam Boy Hindu Boy C
Geet Boy Song U
Ghanashyam Boy Dark Cloud, Lord Krishna C
Ghandeep Boy Hindu Boy C
Ghanendra Boy Lord Of Clouds (Lord Indra ) C
Gharshit Boy Hindu Boy U
Ghoshal Boy Hindu Boy C
Giridhar Boy One Who Holds ( Lifts ) Mountain (Lord Krishna) C
Girijanandan Boy Son Of Girija (Lord Ganesh) C
Girilal Boy Son Of Mountain C
Giriraj Boy Lord Of Mountain ( Himalaya ) C
Girish Boy God Of Mountain (Lord Shiva) VC
Gogula Boy Lord Krishna C
Gomati Girl A River In India� C
Gopal Boy Lord Krishna, Cow Herd VC
Gopan Boy Protection C
Goshanraj Boy Lord Vengadasalabathi C
Gouresh Boy Hindu Boy C
Govind Boy Cowherd (Lord Krishna) VC
Gowshik Boy Hindu Boy C
Gul Boy Hindu Boy U
Gulab Boy Rose C
Gulshan Boy Garden Of Flowers C
Gunaratna Boy Jewel Of Virtue C
Gunjal Boy Lord Vishnu U
Gurbachan Boy Promise Or Words Of The Guru C
Gurcharan Boy Feet Of The Guru C
Gurdayal Boy Compassionate Guru C
Gurdeep Boy Lamp Of The Guru C
Gurjas Boy Fame Of Lord U
Gurman Boy Heart Of Guru U
Gurmeet Boy Friend Of The Guru C
Gurnam Boy Tempest; Commotion U
Gursharan Boy Refuge At The Guru C
Guru Boy Master, Teacher , One Who Shows The Path VC
Gurudas Boy Ervant Of The Guru C
Gurudutt Boy Gift Of The Guru C

Please comment on the above names. Please point out any errors & also please tell us how common / unique these hindu baby boy names are