Hindu baby boy names starting with P

Here is a list of Hindu baby boy names starting with P. We have listed both boys and girls names starting with P on this page. If we have omitted any names that you know of please send it to us with its meaning.These names have been taken from secondary sources and could be wrongly projected, therefore please recheck with friends and your family members before naming your child.

Hindu Baby Boy Names

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Hindu Baby Boy Names Starting with- P

Name Gender Meaning Type
Padam Boy Lotus U
Padmabandhu Boy Friend Of Lotus ( Bee , Sun ) U
Padmadhar Boy One Who Holds A Lotus ( Lord Vishnu) U
Padmaj Boy Born From Lotus ( Lord Bramha) U
Padmakant Boy Husband Of Lotus ( Sun) U
Padmakar Boy Jewel, Lord Vishnu U
Padmalochan Boy Lotus Eyed U
Padmanabh Boy One With Lotus In His Navel ( Lord Vishnu) U
Padmapani Boy Lord Bramha U
Padmayani Boy Lord Brahama; Buddha U
Padmesh Boy Lord Vishnu U
Padminish Boy Lord Of Lotuses; Sun U
Palash Boy Name Of A Tree ( Kinshuk ) U
Palin Boy Protecting U
Pallav Boy Young Shoots & Leaves C
Panav Boy Prince U
Panchal Boy Lord Shiva U
Pandita Boy Scholar Hindu Boy U
Panduranga Boy One With A Pale White Complexion C
Pandya Boy The Best C
Pankaj Boy Lotus C
Pankajan Boy Lotus; Lord Vishnu U
Pankajeet Boy Eagle ( Garuda ) U
Pannalal Boy A Jewel U
Panner Boy Life Of Happy U
Panshul Boy Lord Shiva U
Parag Boy Pollen Grains, Sandal Wood C
Param Boy Ultimate C
Paramartha Boy Highest Or Divine Truth U
Paramjeet Boy Highest Success C
Paramjit Boy Heroic U
Paran Boy Positive U
Paranjay Boy Lord Of The Sea U
Parantap Boy Conquerrer U
Paras Boy A Stone ( Mythical Stone ) Which Can Turn Anything Into Gold U
Parashar Boy A Renowned Saint U
Parees Boy Touch Stone U
Pargat Boy Appearance U
Parighosh Boy Loud Sound U
Pariket Boy Against Desire U
Parikshit Boy Tested One, Son Of Abhimanyu U
Parimal Boy Fragrance U
Parindra Boy Lion U
Paritosh Boy Contentment U
Parmanand Boy Divine Happiness C
Parmeet Boy Wisdom U
Parmesh Boy Lord Vishnu U
Parth Boy King; Arjun C
Partha Boy Arjun, King U
Parthasarathi Boy Charioteer Of Partha ( Lord Krishna) C
Parthiv Boy Prince Of Earth C
Parvateshwar Boy God Of Mountains ( Himalaya ) U
Parvatinandan Boy Son Of Parvati ( Ganesh / Kartikeya) C
Parvesh Boy Lord Of Celebrations C
Pashunath Boy Lord Of Animals ( Lord Shiva, Lion) U
Pashupati Boy Animal Farmer, Lord Shiva C
Patag Boy Sun U
Patoj Boy Lotus U
Patr Boy Defender U
Pavan Boy Wind C
Pavanaj Boy Lord Hanuman C
Pavankumar Boy Bhim, Hanuman ( Son Of The Wind) C
Pavansut, Pavanputra Boy Son Of Wind (Bhim, Hanuman) U
Pehlaj Boy First Born U
Periyakaruppan Boy Lord Periyakaruppan U
Phalak Boy Sky C
Phalgun Boy A Month From Our Hindu Calender U
Phanibhushan Boy One Who Wears A Snake (Lord Shiva) U

Please comment on the above names. Please point out any errors & also please tell us how common / unique these hindu baby boy names are