Age Group 26-35

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Indian Pen Friends between ages 26-35

Dilan (M, 29)

I am searching for long lasting friendships

Vishal (M, 27)

Hello, Looking for snail mail buddy

Leela (F, 28)

Iam from Andhra, currently working in Odisha. I have a 1.5 yr old daughter.

Mownicaa Mani (F, 26)

I am Mownicaa and I would like write a letter to my friend pal.

rahul (M, 29)

here come after lockdown , still single

auli (F, 26)

I want friends from all over the world both male and female and any age are welcome. you can also email me at: : Hope to hear from you soon,Thank you.

Peter (M, 32)

I am seeking for a honorable, true and single long term pen palship from 18 to 30 years

Arjun (M, 31)