Indian Penpals

Hi Folks! This is the place where you can hunt for new pals. Make friends who live all across India and the world. The funny thing is that they may now mostly be your phone friends and you no longer need a pen to write the letter. Whatsapp and other social media has taken over. Yet we still fondly call friends made online as penpals and recently netpals as you accuire them online.

Making indian penpals or indian penfriends is an easy job with us as our list of penpals is only India based. Your search for netpals in India has been made simpler by our neat division of penfriends in india according to age. So go select penfriends or penpals according to your age group. Share your thoughts and find friends online. As our list consists of only Indian netpals, you can visit for international friends and not be limited to pen friends in india.

Indian Penpals Age Group : 18-25 | 26-35 | 36-45 | 46+

Safety Rules for Children

Listed here are seven safety rules children and even grown up adults should practice before exchanging messages with netpals.
  1. Only tell your first name.
  2. Do not give out personal information such as your last name, home address, parent's work address, or telephone number.
  3. Never share a password for an Internet game or chat room with the online pen pal.
  4. Never agree to meet with someone online.
  5. Notify the teacher and/or parent if you receive an obscene message.
  6. Never send identifying pictures to your pen pal. Class pictures are fine to send as long as individuals are not named (for example, John is the third person in the second row).
  7. Never attach pictures or other files to an e-mail message unless the people receiving the message have given you permission.