Tamil baby girl names starting with K

Here is a list of Tamil baby girl names starting with K. We have listed girl names starting with K on this page. If we have omitted any names that you know of please send it to us with its meaning.

These names have been taken from secondary sources and could be wrongly projected, therefore please recheck with friends and your family members before naming your child.

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Tamil Baby Girl Names Starting with- K

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U= Unique, C= Common, VC= Very Common
Name Gender Meaning Type
Kaandhalgirl Attractive U
KaarKulaligirl With Beautiful Black HairU
Kaaviyagirl Heroine C
Kadhiroligirl Brilliant like the Ray of Sun; IntelligentU
Kalaigirl Art C
KalaiAmudhamgirl Artistic Wealth U
KalaiArasigirl Queen of Arts C
KalaiKadhirgirl Artistic U
KalaiMagalgirl Goddess of Arts; Goddess SaraswathiC
KalaiMalargirl ArtisticC
KalaiManigirl Gem of ArtsU
KalaiMoligirl Language of the ArtsU
KalaiPoongagirl Possessing many Artistic SkillsU
KalaiSelvigirl Artistic GirlVC
KalaiSudargirl Artistic U
KalaiVaanigirl Goddess of Arts; Goddess SaraswathiVC
KaliyammalgirlAs Precious as the Eye C
Kanaiyaligirl Name of an OrnamentU
Kaniamudhugirl Sweet U
Kanimoligirl Possessing Sweet VoiceC
Kanmanigirl As Precious as the Eye VC
Kannagigirl The Heroine of Silappadhikaram; Whose Eyes SmileC
Kannammalgirl As Precious as Eyes; Character in Barathiyar's songs C
KarthikagirlAs Precious as the Eye VC
KarungKulaligirl With Beautiful Black HairU
Karuviligirl With Beautiful Black Eyes U
Katpagamgirl Possessing Good Character U
Kaviarasigirl Queen of Poetry U
KaviKuyilgirl Sweet Voiced like Kuyil U
Kavimalargirl Beautiful like the Poetic Flower C
KaviNilagirl Beautiful like the Poetic MoonU
Kavithagirl Poem VC
Kayalgirl With Beautiful Eyes U
KayalViligirl With Beautiful Eyes resembling a FishC
Kiligirl Parakeet U
Kilimoligirl With Pleasant Voice like a KiliU
Kodhaigirl Beautiful Girl U
KodiMalargirl Flower on a Vine C
KodiMalligirl Malligai Flower on a VineU
KodiMullaigirl Mullai Flower on a VineU
KolaMayilgirl Dancing Peacock (Peahen) U
KolaViligirl With Beautiful Eyes like a KolamU
Komagalgirl Princess C
KonguMagalgirl Girl from Kongu Naadu U
Koormadhigirl Intelligent C
KotravaigirlAs Precious as the Eye U
Kulaligirl With Beautiful Hair U
KulamagalgirlAs Precious as the Eye CV
Kumarigirl Youthful U
Kumudhagirl Beautiful like the Kumudham FlowerVC
KumudhaMalargirl Name of a Beautiful FlowerU
Kumudhinigirl Beautiful and Sweet U
Kunagirl Good Character U
KundhavaigirlAs Precious as the Eye U
KuppammalgirlAs Precious as the Eye U
Kuralarasigirl With Sweet Voice U
Kurinjigirl Name of a Unique Flower that blooms every twelve years U
Kuvalaigirl Name of a Beautiful Flower U
Kuyilgirl Sweet Voiced like a Kuyil (Cuckoo)U
Kuyiligirl Sweet Voiced like a Kuyil (Cuckoo)U
Kuyilisaigirl Sweet Voice of the Kuyil U
KuyilMoligirl Sweet Voice of the Kuyil U
Kalaivanigirl Goddess of Arts; Goddess SaraswathiU
KeerthanagirlDevotional SongU
KeerthanagirlDevotional SongU

Please comment on the above names. Please point out any errors & also please tell us how common / unique these tamil baby girl names are