Haryana Economy

More than three fourths of Haryana's population is employed in agriculture, the staple crops being wheat and rice. Haryana is known for its prize winning steers and dairy cattle.The state has a very good industrial base. Cotton and woolen textiles sugar milling, electronic equipment and automobiles are the major industries.

Haryana is India's largest producer of automobile spare parts. It is home to Maruti Udyog Ltd., India's largest automobile manufacturer and Hero Honda Ltd, the world's largest manufacturer of two wheelers. The state also has the distinction of producing the largest number of tractors in the country.

Haryana is also famous for its handloom textiles. Panipat is aften known as the "weaver's city" of India for its beautiful woolen carpets and colorful linens.

A major advantage for Haryana's economy is its proximity to the markets of Delhi.