Culture of Haryana

Haryana is known for its rich and varied cultural heritage. The people of Haryana strongly believe in age old traditions and have preserved them in the form of art, dance and music. Various fairs and festivals are celebrated throughout the year in traditional fervour which help in bringing people together.

Though all major festivals are celebrated in Haryana, there are local events like the cattle fairs which are unique. A very well known event is the Surajkund Crafts Mela which takes place in early February. This mela offeres a huge variety of goods ranging from pottery to wood work and handlooms.

Haryana is known for its embroidery weave called Phulkari which is made by women of a house. Filled with magnificent colors and beautiful motifs, it is a genuine work of art. Panipat in Haryana is known for its wonderful dhurries and handloom bedsheets.

Theatre forms a very important part of Haryana's culture. Known as Sang, it is usually performed in rural areas. Mythological tales of valour, sacrifice and other themes are told in a combination of music and folklore and is a major source of entertainment in rural Haryana.