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Calculate your Sun sign from the following table. Once you know your Sun sign you can combine it with your moon sign and see the detailed characteristics in our sunsign pages.

The Sun signs are different from the moon signs and are based on western astrology. The Sun sign simply takes into account your date of birth and nothing else. So if you are born between 21st june and 20th July your sun sign is Cancer.

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Calculate your Sun Sign

Aries 21 April until 20 April
Libra 23, 24 September until 22, 23 October
Taurus 21 April until 20, 21 May
Scorpio 23, 24 October until 22 November
Gemini 21, 22 May until 21 June
Sagittarius 23 November until 21, 22 December
Cancer 22 June until 22 July
Capricorn 22, 23 December until 20 January
Virgo 23, 24 August until 22, 23 September
Pisces 20 February until 20 April
Leo 23 July until 22, 23 August
Aquarius 21 January until 19 February

Characteristics of Sun Sign and Moon Sign