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Capricorn Horoscope 2024 Yearly Prediction

A very positive year for all Capricorns. Ask and you shall recieve. Dare to dream and realise your dreams this year. Whether it's love, money, health, or career, things will align for you, offering opportunities to thrive. Seize them and shine on!

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Characteristics of Capricorn

People born under this Sign are strong and sensitive. They take any decisions after careful considerations and are never impulsive. They are practical in their approach. Known for the intelligence and logic, they are very ambitious and possess confidence in their attitude. Equipped with big goals, these people display their best efforts to attain them. Despite their strength, these people are prone to pessimistic qualities. They often consider themselves as under-achievers even though they have achieved something bigger. This quality makes them fall into depression. The strong determination and willpower create a stubborn personality, where they never change their views. Though they are known for their communication skills, they are quite shy in nature.

Characteristics of Sun Sign and Moon Sign

Sun in Capricorn + 12 Moon signs

10-1 Aries/Capricorn Horoscope

The combination of your Sun and Moon signs produces a very forceful and purposeful personality. You have a strong drive to succeed, and you're willing to work very hard to insure that this becomes a reality. Prestige is vital to your happiness. You know how to impress people, but you steadfastly refuse to give any appearance of bowing and scraping, or to make any gesture of empty flattery. You can be counted on to be tactfully agreeable while barely being able to hold back your own very distinct personal opinions. With some experience, you may at least learn to hold your tongue and exercise a minimal degree of patience when dealing with the many lacking your capacity for putting thought into action. This pairing suggests a rather shrewd quality in your nature, and it likewise makes it very clear that you understand well the ways of the world and you know how to deal with them very effectively. Your brand of tact is to speak softly and carry a big stick; diplomacy combined with a vigorous invulnerability. You have a good head for working out solutions to many sorts of problems. You have an honorable, if gruff, way of dealing with people. You're not one to pull the wool over someone's eyes, but you may do a bit of fast talking to win your point when this becomes necessary. You know how to get a project off the ground, to generate enthusiasm, and get long-range plans into effect. You are the type that will take on so much that you can work yourself into a nervous breakdown if you're not careful. You should learn moderation in work, in opinions, and in the general forcefulness of your nature.

10-2 Taurus/Capricorn Horoscope

The combination of the Sun in Capricorn and the Moon in Taurus creates a very solid and fixed personality. A sense of determination is strongly marked in your nature. You have a realistic and determined mind, and much stability of character. You believe things will work out for the best for you and very often they do. You have little difficulty maintaining a focus on your goals, and you continue to work toward them with a special determination. You ambitions are deep-rooted, with a doggedly persistence of will. You enjoy facing challenges and having many tough problems to solve. You seldom change your mind or alter you path of progress. You are so steadfast in your direction that it is hard for you to adapt to changing conditions. You may lack somewhat in versatility or flexibility, but make up for slowness in adjustment by persistent effort and firmness of judgment. You are a conservative thinker, and you function best in well established affairs. You have a really strong sense of service in your nature and there is something of the Father confessor in you. People find your judicial and calm attitude about life's little problems very reassuring. Your criticism comes in the form of gentle firmness and usually with a smile. Calm judgment and realistic evaluation of conditions help you become a strong executive or professional. You are a manager, an organizer, with solid and practical ideas.

10-3 Gemini/Capricorn Horoscope

The combination of your Sun sign and your Moon sign produces a very mentally ambitious personality. You are likely to be very studious and interested in developing your talent for self-expression in respect to writing or public speaking. A lot of mental curiosity keeps you alert to new ideas and simulates your interest in learning. The Gemini Moon makes you flexible, versatile, and adaptable. This shows up mostly in your mental quickness; you are such a fast learner, swiftly assimilating impressions and ideas and making quick decisions. Your variable nature is also shown by the number of times you change your mind, your opinions, and your ideas. You are always so clever, never at a loss for words and this is the talent you can really build a reputation on. A good planner and organizer, you have much personal ingenuity and inventiveness producing a constant stream of new ideas and methods. Your talent in all forms of self-expression may guide you to some type of work that involves writing, or in the field of advertising. With you outwardly glib, witty and clever personality, it's surprising that you are really rather serious, practical and ambitious. In fact, at times, you worry a bit too much and allow anxieties to assume an undue proportion. Then you can be volatile and buoyant and act as though you didn't have a care in the world. Emotionally, you are a puzzle to yourself and certainly to those around you; inwardly sound, reliable, and practical, outwardly, changeable and contradictory.

10-4 Cancer/Capricorn Horoscope

The combination of your Sun and Moon sign produces a sensitive mind and personality endowed with a highly refined intuitive insight. You can "feel" the truth about people and conditions. While highly sensitive and somewhat introspective, you can gain by using your sensitivities along practical lines. You don't waste time trying to peddle things that people aren't buying. You have a knack for making money and the conservative instincts to hang on to it. You can be rather secretive at times, keeping things to yourself until you are ready to take others into your confidence. At times you feel the need to withdraw somewhat into yourself, establishing poise and balance in enjoying moments of quiet peace and introspection. Generally, you need to cultivate demonstrative or extroverted tendencies of personality by countering excessive introspection. There is a very strong domestic side to your nature; a deep interest in home and family. You need the support of these close personal and sympathetic relationships. Popularity is attained by combating an excessive personal reserve. Your main strength is will power and a tenacity of purpose. Be willing to to trust your intuitive impressions or feelings about things to guide you in the right direction.

10-5 Leo/Capricorn Horoscope

The combination of your Sun and Moon signs produces an individual designed to be in charge. You have a vigorous and vital personality capable of great popularity and of much success in the world. You are a very self-sufficient person, and somewhat aristocratic in your demeanor; a sort of aloofness and detachment that makes you seem important even before you are. You possess a charisma that allows you to work things out for your benefit without making a big display or adamant demands. You know how to be assertive and diplomatic at the right times and in the right manner. You may want power and position, but you go about getting these in a quiet, cool and collected way. You believe in yourself and know how to translate your belief to others. You like to be the leader in any undertaking because you usually feel that you are the one most qualified to run the show. You are a very down-to-earth person, a materialist. The abstract, the philosophic, or the visionary, hold little interest for you. Emotionally, you are ardent although not exactly warm-hearted. Emotions are not likely to ever interfere with duty and responsibility.

10-6 Virgo/Capricorn Horoscope

The combination of your Sun and Moon signs produces a somewhat reserved personality, but one that is well concealed by the pleasant and outstanding image that is shown to the world. You bluff the appearance of being sure of yourself and your purposes. Actually, you have a great deal of difficulty making decisions and your self-assurance is very thin indeed. You progress best in activities in which the rules of the game are well established and decisions play a minimal part in the evaluation of success. You are well-endowed mentally, possessing a logical, systematic, analytical and discriminating mind. Your strong point is in analysis or analytical criticism, as you seek to build up a strictly rational foundation of thought. You control feelings and emotions with an iron grip. In all emotional matters you're careful and controlled. Much of the time you are content to be pretty much a loner. You are not an easy person to talk to or to live with because you are so aloof, reserved, and cautious. Academically you may be outstanding, especially when it comes to facts and realities. Perhaps not so when it comes to theories and hypotheses. A precocious knack for grasping facts may aim the focus of your life toward scholarly pursuits, and your real strength come out when you are allowed to focus your capacity for concentration on a single objective.

10-7 Libra/Capricorn Horoscope

The combination of your Sun sign and your Moon sign produces a personality that is drawn in two opposite directions. The nature of Capricorn is highly disciplined and cautious, while Libra is rash and impulsive. What tends to result is a rather positive persona, with a sort of inspirational faith in your own infallibility, a bit the eccentric at times, but generally a very amiable individual. You like people, but the driving force in your nature may be more material than humanitarian. You are not very romantic, and there is a detachment about you that belies your real need for people. You are extremely social, and like to have people around you, but at the same time, you do not warm up to them very quickly; you are somewhat proud, a bit suspicious, and as a result, you remain aloof. You have a talent for mixing socially, however, and for getting along well with your superiors using a tact and diplomacy that assures progress in business interests. You capitalize in business, or in a profession, on persuasiveness and a friendly attitude of diplomacy. You very much dislike direct conflict or hostile situations, and your instinct to do the right thing to preserve peace and order is generally appreciated by all. Your talents also feature the ability to exercise sound and impartial judgment, especially in a business environment; the ability to mentally balance things, criticize and compare. There is a certain mental foresight that lets you see the flaws in plans before they become reality and cause problems. This well-balanced mentality is well backed by serious purpose and thoughtfulness, a desire to get ahead and assume responsibility. Maintaining balance and equilibrium can prove to be the key to your success and happiness. Your interests in business are enhanced by your ability to win others to your point of view by persuasiveness and utter charm.

10-8 Scorpio/Capricorn Horoscope

The combination of your Sun sign and your Moon sign produces in you an extremely strong inner drive and a keen sense of your own importance as an individual. A certain rigid inner pride keeps your self-respect always at a high level. Early on, temperament may be a problem, but as you mature cooperation is learned and a judicial and rather stern nature rules the personality. A very reserved individual, you often express yourself in quiet ways, always remaining perfectly capable of communicating disapproval without saying even a word. Most people think of you as a very reasonable person and in may ways you are. It is very difficult, however, to ever persuade you that you are wrong because of a highly inflexible core within. Often you may use the tactic of appearing not to understand the other person's point of view, even when it is quite clear to you. You are very honorable, loyal, and devoted, with a keen sense of the sobriety of life, and of your duty as a part of it. Right or wrong, you hold to your first impressions of people, especially if those first impressions were not good. You are a very understanding of people and their problems, and while you usually can remain very much detached, you are a good listener and provide sound advice. Emotions never seem to interfere with your reasoning power.

10-9 Sagittarius/Capricorn Horoscope

The combination of your Sun sign and your Moon sign produces a high-powered physical and mental person. Your energies, at times, seem boundless. This is a strange pairing of strict discipline with bold enthusiasm and idealism. The openness and outgoing attitude that Moon in Sagittarius brings is a fine complement to the often morose and easily depressed nature of Capricorn, producing a somewhat worldly-wise personality that handles self and others with the greatest of ease. You love the camaraderie of getting together with the gang, becoming involved in a multiplicity of interests and activities. But success and attainment in life may depend on development of concentration and encouragement of staying power in maintaining your drive and purpose. You are a traveler at heart, and your restless nature has a need to be on the go all the time, either physically or mentally. With the enthusiasm you naturally possess, reckless expenditure of energies can be a problem. You do have a lot of ambition, and you can be both political and direct in going after your objectives; diplomatic or shrewd, as well as frank and sincere. Using either approach, you are instinctively honest and truthful. You are a very expressive person with high ideals and a keen sense of values. A good mentality and quick wit give you a way with words. The development of this ability can be a major key to success. You must be aware that your words do have impact on others, especially the sensitive types who you may offend with your very direct speech. Although you are a broad and inclusive person with strong humanitarian instincts, in many ways you are a little picky when it comes to friends and close relationships. You insist that those you associate with be intellectually compatible, and when you find yourself in the company of people you consider intellectually inferior, you are not at all comfortable. Companionship is very important to you, but intellect is usually placed ahead of sentiment. This is a very powerful and achievement oriented combination. It is one in which enthusiasm blended with serious purpose and realistic understanding of values, can assure a great deal of success.

10-10 Capricorn/Capricorn Horoscope

The combination of your Sun sign and your Moon sign produces a very serious individual indeed. Saturn, ruling Capricorn, is a restricting influence, a taskmaster, and an overseer. When both the Sun and Moon are positioned in this sign, the personality is a little on the heavy side. Although you are likely to have a heart of gold, your nature is somewhat rigid and unbending. You demand realism, truth and facts, rejecting anything that is superficial or frivolous. Ambition is powerful and self-control is almost a fetish. There is a good deal of character associated with this placement, although you can be single-minded in achieving your goals and ambitions. Reliability is the key, as you are ever dependable, and people can depend on you doing exactly what you say you are going to do. You are not one to settle for second best no matter how hard it seems to be first and best. You are not a humanitarian by nature, and it can almost be said that your drive for power and status make you self-centered and perhaps even a little selfish. There is a cold, hard, invulnerable streak in you that resists personal associations, even as you know how to appeal to others in a general sense.

10-11 Aquarius/Capricorn Horoscope

The combination of your Sun sign and your Moon sign produces a thoughtful, sincere, and responsible inner nature, and a friendly personality. A good healthy respect for yourself and your own talents demands the respect of others. Your sincerity and genuine interest in people makes you very popular, and you enjoy involvement in a good bit of public activity. The Aquarius Moon gives you a streak of originality and sometimes genius that sets you apart from most Capricorn; you're more progressive and apt to be attracted to new interests and sudden mode changes effecting the way you feel about things. While you believe strongly in traditional values and tested methods, you are not afraid of the future and you rarely fail to sense the merit of a good progressive idea. You have good insight into human nature as well, and you're usually able to choose the right friends and associates. You are at your best when involved in important groups and associations, clubs or societies, for you know how to put your personality over, and draw people to you. In this arena, your greatest skill becomes apparent and you are opportunistic in selecting the right people to deal with and to help you. In business, you have splendid organizing abilities and skill for making money, often along unusual lines, and especially when it requires using your special talent for dealing with people. You have an independent streak in your nature, however, and you work best without personal supervision. You are not one to make snap judgments. You need time to think and reflect. Given this time, you can always make sound progress through prudent forethought and an ability to bridge the past to the present and the future. Although always friendly, you have a hard determination about you that is going to make itself felt. Your pride is great and you may be something of a social climber; status is very important to you. Your emotions are very controlled and guided by your intelligence and judgment. Your calm and intelligence makes you a good companion, but probably not a passionate lover. What you lack in ardor you make up in stability.

10-12 Pisces/Capricorn Horoscope

The combination of your Sun sign and your Moon sign is harmonious and interesting. You have a receptive temperament and you're strongly influenced by outside impressions and environment. You mix a very practical, serious and ambitious side, with a somewhat restless and variable personality. It may be hard, sometimes, for you to exhibit the firmness and steady purpose so often attributed to Capricorn. Often this is overshadowed by a sentimental and sympathetic touch to your nature. You have an intuitive insight that makes you very aware of the feelings of others. You have a rather serious and penetrating interest in life, and to you, most issues seem to have depth and complexity. Honest and trustworthy, you would never resort to trickery or deceit. You are thorough in your work and eager to know all you can about a variety of things. Your nature is very humanitarian and you are likely to be much less materialistic than many fellow Capricorn natives. In personal relationships, you need to exercise discrimination, overcoming a somewhat passive tendency that makes you susceptible to the influences of others.

Capricorn compatibility with Other Signs

10-1 Capricorn compatibility with Aries

Capricorn's traditional spirit suits perfectly with working in an organization. You think that authority relations are fair and you feel very well in an institutionalized environment. Try talking to Aries about bosses, though. I wouldn't advise you to, because (s)he is his/her own boss. Moreover, the desire for freedom and the spirit of adventure that characterize Aries can annoy you terribly. You aspire to stability but (s)he does not have such dreams. If you live together, agitation will come into your house, too. Aries is an egocentric that you can hardly tolerate. (S)He always has a project on the table and (s)he tries to innovate everything that, in his/her opinion, needs modification. You need social recognition very much and you will be proud of your lover only if (s)he is appreciated for his/her innovating spirit.

10-2 Capricorn compatibility with Taurus

You are mesmerized, aren't you? No wonder, because Taurus' Sun is in the section corresponding to real, unconditioned love. Taurus is prudent, reliable, practical - all the qualities that you are looking for in a partner. You, dear Capricorn, have a very realistic vision on marriage, that's why you are very aware of the importance of the mutual trust. Family and home are very important to both of you. Taurus seldom goes off the right way; (s)he sees faithfulness as a way of respecting the other, but him/herself, too. That is not to say that you are in for a dull life. Taurus knows how to keep the marital harmony.

10-3 Capricorn compatibility with Gemini

It cannot be a classical couple, because Gemini is much more desirous of excitement than you are, dear Capricorn. Most certainly, you walked into the trap of his/her sharp and resourceful mind. I'm sure that's what attracted you from the beginning. Gemini can make you lose your head in a minute, because you take things seriously too quickly, things that (s)he is just playing with. Gemini is not a possessive person. (S)He is rather busy, so you shouldn't worry if you run late at the office. Gemini will ask all kinds of questions about yourself, which will inevitably scare you and make you wonder: "If I tell him/her everything, won't (s)he get tired of me soon?" You could be right.

10-4 Capricorn compatibility with Cancer

Your Cancer lover was born six months away in the zodiac, so you will find him/her either complementary or at the other end of your values. In brief, a Capricorn-Cancer union will bring you either perfection, or complete confusion. The final result depends on you. Let's take a look at the pros and cons. Capricorn governs the section of the horoscope that is responsible for honours and fame, therefore you are very ambitious and you hope to come to a leading position. You do very well in large corporations, as well as in politics. You know what hierarchical relations are about and you even like them. You are rigorous, that's why the institutions with well defined responsibilities seem very productive to you. You were born under an Earth sign so you are very pragmatic.

10-5 Capricorn compatibility with Leo

From the astrological point of view, a Capricorn-Leo relationship is doomed to failure, because you, dear Capricorn, are an Earth sign and Leo is a Fire sign. Usually, the Earth does not tolerate the Fire elements, but if you take a close look at how much you have in common, you will be very surprised. In my opinion, this relationship has many chances to work. You are both crazy about an active social life, but the Lion is more exuberant and openhearted while you are more reserved. Social relations are very important to both of you, but for different reasons: one of you wants to enjoy him/herself, the other wants to "extend" his/her influence. You probably recognized yourself in the latter. You both have taste in clothes and you are always present at the cultural occasions of this kind.

10-6 Capricorn compatibility with Virgo

If there ever was a heavenly couple, it was the Capricorn-Virgo one! Virgo is the partner that won't ask you why you have to work so much, because any Virgo is devoted to career. You are two Earth people, so you react very quickly to what is practical. You will even have to make a pact so you don't forget the pleasures of intimacy. Doesn't a hot night ring a bell? Leave the office for a minute! Virgo's prototype is the cosmic librarian, with her hair done up, in a rope probably, and a pair of glasses well set on her nose. Don't set yourself a trap: the native Virgo can be the sexiest person on Earth!

10-7 Capricorn compatibility with Libra

You both have very busy schedules. Although you are very energetic, socially, Libra will be even more involved than you will! Can you believe that? (S)He knows almost all people in the world and thus you will have the chance to meet wonderful people through him/her. Since you are a Capricorn and you want to have many connections, you will be very pleased with this opportunity. Your beloved Libra is the quintessence of diplomacy and charm, qualities that you will cherish especially if (s)he joins you for a business meeting.

10-8 Capricorn compatibility with Scorpio

We are dealing with a sensational couple! You, dear Capricorn, lay the solid foundation and Scorpio will fill everything with passion and stability. Scorpio's extreme emotions, his/her passions - among which the passion (s)he has for you - fascinates you. Scorpio's water and Capricorn's earth will result in excellent clay! Scorpio is endowed with great shrewdness and it will bring you wealth, if combined with your financial ability. There is a problem though: your Scorpio likes spending the money that you save by working hard. If you want to stop him/her, you can only marry him/her.

10-9 Capricorn compatibility with Sagittarius

One of the main problems is that of the planets governing you: Capricorn is governed by Saturn and Sagittarius is governed by Jupiter. Sagittarius is optimistic and friendly, while you, dear Capricorn, are strict and realistic. Consequently, (s)he will reproach you with your pessimism. Don't hope that your beloved Sagittarius will ever understand the expression "to save up for a rainy day". As far as you are concerned, his/her joyfulness and spirit of adventure can make you classify him/her as "irresponsible".

10-10 Capricorn compatibility with Capricorn

No matter how much you love each other, how much burning passion you have for each other, somewhere, deep in your heart, career comes first and so does the need of social recognition. Precisely because you know what this desire means, you will understand your Capricorn lover and stand by him/her, regardless of the sacrifices! The problem with this relation is that you are both more interested in the social and professional success than in the marital one. You are much too serious and the relation is in danger of becoming rather caustic.

10-11 Capricorn compatibility with Aquarius

Do Aquarius's unconventional ideas and his/her need of strong sensations send shivers up your spine? You may think these are exciting and provoking qualities, but only in the beginning. You, dear Capricorn, are a traditional to the backbone, while Aquarius does not care about social status, as you do. (S)He doesn't mind shocking, revolutionizing - on the contrary! Even if your Aquarius is not a typical one, (s)he still has a colder temperament than yours. His/Her vision of the world is very objective. (S)He doesn't let feelings get in the way of reason. Sometimes, his/her interests can be so very modern and "flexible", that you will be longing for a more stabile and... loving person. Aquarius will never fit this description. And we've just begun talking about major differences!

10-12 Capricorn compatibility with Pisces

This combination between Earth and Water can be fundamental to a really extraordinary relationship! By knowing your Pisces intimately, you will come to understand his/her deepest desires. You are not a person that lacks ideas, dear Capricorn, but yours are always reality-oriented. On the other side, Pisces seems to be made of dreams and emotions only, apparently at least. You are right, in a way, but where do you go wrong? In characterizing Pisces' intuition as "irrational". You will be surprised to see that (s)he hardly ever makes a mistake! Pisces will tell you about premonitions, prophetic dreams and ideas that have no real base. Although it seems very strange, you will find out that (s)he is almost always right.

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