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Right from the day an individual appears on this earth, the struggle for existence begins. In fact, the struggle for existence begins much much before we realise and understand the worldly situations. We live most of our life as a child in the womb, infant, child, adolescent and finally grow up as youth. The struggle started as a child in the womb and continues even as we grow up. As an infant and a child our tensions are not our own. There are others who worry for us. But at all these stages the question of WHAT NEXT? does not confront us. WHY? It's because we never experienced bitterness. The joyous moments we live in our lives always make us feel that those are our privileges.

Little we realise that life is engulfed with joy, sorrow, grief, pleasures and displeasures. But only when man confronts with the question WHAT NEXT! He starts thinking. May be at this juncture, the spiritual and intellectual sides of his brain start functioning. These situations fine-tune him for the practical challenges he has to face on this earth. While the joys are absorbed, enjoyed and memorised, grief is fearful and appears unending The question of what next bothers at various situations -Loss or lack of job, loss of health, loss of near ones, lack of opportunity, divorced or singled out woman, etc. The answer to this cannot be solved with a dialogue.

It is not a decision to be taken in a cool easy chair at your home or in the cosy a/c cabin. So this question of WHAT NEXT can be life threatening. Infact it's a question or a situation, which can topple you from your rocking chair, throw you out of your cabin. There are no counsellors, advisors, or consultants who can come with a ready-made recipe. No riches can undo the situation. Then how to resolve the situation? How to answer the question? How to confront it? At last how to battle with life. May be, let's remember that there are problems because there are solutions to every problem. One has to search for solutions, which are all pervading; we only have to grab them.

The answers to our life threatening questions are so crucial. They should come from within us. It is this conscious introspection, self-assessment and our inner voice that can stand by our side. Yes! After every storm there is calm. After every war there is peace. And after every calamity there is life. After all when all else is lost future still remains. One should become strong to face the real challenging situations in life. In many cases, these situations themselves create solutions and resolve. It makes you look at the same world with a difference. The doors appear to be shut, but try and search if the windows are opened. Make way through the window and look at the world with a difference. May be it's the right time to our inner self. Realise the new spirit within you. Explore the new areas. Sharpen your skills. Else its flight or fight. Its skill or kill. A child separated from parents may turn to be an adopted child to a millionaire or left on roads with the divine will to be a wiz kid. A school dropout or a failure can explore new areas of opportunities to prosper. An employee can become an entrepreneur! An employer with his vast knowledge becomes a consultant or an advisor. Every one is a performer. All the efforts are only to make a performer perform better. To perform we need an expression. So it's rightly stated that, Social expression is an important factor in the development of human personality. The problem of keeping the mind and body creatively occupied is the greatest challenge of our times.- Jawaharlal Nehru.

So, an unsuccessful marriage may be an opportunity for a person to pursue his new or dearly cherished hobbies. May be a singled out senior citizen can extend a helping hand to many orphans and needy. A differently abled person with his will power can be a torchbearer for many. Is it rightly stated by CALVIN COOLIDGE Nothing is more common than unsuccessful people with talent So, When opportunities are all pervading, When god is omnipresent do we still have to continue remaining unsuccessful? Do we still have to question ourselves-Cornered WHAT NEXT! May be no! True, Human life is invaluable. Human resource is the superior resource available on this earth. Man's brain can make or mar the whole world. So next time when the question What Next! Stands as a block in our lives, let us not forget that in God's creation man is placed next to God himself Ocean is not devoid of low tide, high tide and whirlpools.

Same way man's life is full of joy, pleasure and happiness on one side and sorrow, grief, and disappointments on the other. The Journey of life is not easy. Its full of setbacks. One has to overcome and withstand. At the same time we also should remember that, Life is very big, let us not take it seriously. As the divine saying goes The kingdom of god is within you. It is here and now. Everything is heaven. We have only to open your eyes.-Jesus Life is eternal. So are problems and issues. The question what next confronts us the next time, do not panic. The answer lies in facing it boldly. By, J.P.Bharathi, Student counsellor; The Skill (Make the performer perform better) M.com, M.Phil, (commerce) PGDPC, MS (psychotherapy and counselling) Certificate in Astrology

From : BharathiKaza
11 th Feb ' 09

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