The Voice of a Pet Dog

My dear Master, I know I cannot talk. But why do you fail to understand that I too can think and feel. My inability to talk is not my deficiency. That is how I am sent into this world. But can you believe, I can understand your human language. Whenever there is a guest you are at your best, sharing pleasantries. You do not at least take me for a stroll. I do not expect parties and outings as you all do. You do not allow me to even to mingle with my peer group. I go sad and depressed. That's the most minimum, which every master does to its pet. I am always locked inside, I miss out on that caring touch from you. And you call me timid, lazy and fearful! Don't you know; you are the one who made me so. I am not for a fight, a dharna or a rally against my master. Neither do I go on strike, or wear a black badge to express my unhappiness. Remember, I am only that small creature; always want to live at your command. I am the one who wants to dance to your tunes. And of course I am that one and only faithful friend of yours, THE HUMANS. I love you for you are humane. Do not loose on your humane qualities. I belong to another decent living world. That's the canine world, which is sure to exist only with your help and protection. And here again I am not demanding anything like the list of those equal to your fundamental rights! I only ask you to pet me and pat me always. That is all I ask in return from you. THANK YOU!

From : Bharathi Kaza
14th Sep ' 09

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