Television Violence hampers Mental Growth

Child's mind is very sensitive. He learns a lot from nature and his surroundings. It is necessary to gather good knowledge from various sources to make healthy brain. Television is a central media for entertainment as well as developing personality. It provides extensive knowledge but at the same time it deteriorates human minds through showing violent screen plays. Many violent scripts slow down mental level and child may develop malicious instinct. Since many decades place of television is important in the life of an individual and it strongly supports socialization of children. According to data, children spend approximately four hours daily in front of television set. It is quite necessary to research the impact of television on perceptive minds of children and adults. We all must focus on the fundamental issue of how television nastiness affects harmfully in child awareness.

There has been great deal of research done to examine the effects of television violent serials on children's overall progress. Research reports indicate high correlation between aggressive behavior and television violent program. These representations affect greatly on children's sex-role development and professional option and their attitudes. Other studies stressed that child's reading, learning and attribution of television information either increases or interferes with violent programs on television. There are individual and cultural differences in assessing violent behavior presented in Television program. Children of different gender, age or background may respond in a different way to the similar series.

Many studies showed facts of the harmful impact of TV violence on children and teenagers and found that children may become resistant to the dreadful scenes depicted, steadily recognize such violence to resolve many hurdles they face in life when they watch programs in which violence is very pragmatic, commonly repetitive or punishment is not given to criminals. They imitate the aggression as they learn from television program and recognize with certain characters, sufferers. TV violence easily molds the conduct of children who have emotional, behavioral, learning or impulse control problems and their reactions can be observed in consecutive years of life. Television played a significant part in the lives of young people and had a general potential to influence their aggressive behavior.

Experts observed some major effects of watching violence on television: Children do not bother about others pain and less vulnerable to the ache. Children may develop dreaded feeling among surroundings. Children inherit aggressive behavior and react to all possible situation violently. Children who view violent shows hit out at their playfellows, quarrels, disobey set of laws and do not complete their task in time. In recent study, it has been indicated that unnecessary watching of violence on television seriously affect critical brain function, named as 'executive functioning' which is described as the ability to stay focused on a thought or task, the capability to plan, disregard interruptions and to use past experiences to control behavior. These executive functions became feeble when adolescents engaged in watching media violence and such violence make person aggressive permanently. Television violence is a primary driving force which reinforces the aggressive temperament of the children and youth when person makes a regular habit to watch such terrible screenplays. Especially children and teenagers who are in developing stage get affected with violent program and behave in aggressive way which creates trouble in their whole life. Watching violent scripts also affect social life.

It is recommended that entertainment is necessary to overcome fatigue but not at the cost of lifelong trouble. Violence in television shows is not a health enhancer. Instead it will create lots of trouble in life which makes person weak. Specially teenagers and youth must choose the television programs which are inventive, knowledgeable and improves lifestyle. They are in career building stage. Wise approach will show the path of success.

From : Ragini Sinha

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