Strong Bonding between Father and Daughter

Fathers and daughter relationship is a holy relationship in family. Fathers have great influence on their daughter's lives. But it has been observed in many cultures that girls are ignored as fathers develop special bonds with their sons. Fathers are the first male figure in the life of daughter and the relationship with him sets the tendency for all male-female relationships she will have in the future. Fathers are role models for their daughters. Daughters imitate father's activity, habits and have a greater impact on her than just telling her about particular job.

It is good for father to spare time to talk to daughter. They must know her interests, needs and find out how she thinks and feels about everything. They must communicate her that she is as important as son and spending time with her is important for him. Father must give value his daughter and always involve her in the decision-making process. It will strengthen the relationship and in later life, she will understand emotion's, of her father.

If father has healthy relationship with his daughter, it will help daughters to understand her persona, teaches her what value she has as a person, her identity and self-worth develops from how hi father interact with her. When Father neglects her, she learns to neglect herself. If father give mistreatment to her she will learn to take abuse or become rude. If father respect her she will learn to respect herself and others. The way father relate with her will determine how she will relate with others, and what kind of family life she will create for herself in the future. It is a hard truth that children need the affection and attention of both parents, they need the active involvement of both parents in their everyday life. A mother cannot fulfill the requirement of the father in the same way that a father can. There are many things which girl learns from father only such as dealing in market place or interacting with other men. Therefore father should also make time to have fun with his daughter. Girls also need attention and involve in many activities with father.

In a family, small daughter is just like an angel for her father. Father has affectionate feeling about her daughter and he feels uncomfortable when she cries. It is a blessing of God that daughters come in the life of father. Father prays to God for their daughter's health, luck and love in life. Daughters who have a strong relationship with their fathers during early childhood find the going smooth much later in life. It is a fact that all little girls respect their attentive fathers. The views of father and daughter collide in teenage of girl's life. In this stage, father has to be very careful in dealing with daughter's problem and do not punish her or make restrictions. Father must try to help her out with the homework. This is really the most difficult time most attached fathers find difficult to deal. When marriage stage comes, father gets more emotional. Thus, a father daughter love is a personification of strength from which the life source derives energy and the relationship get defined in the healthy relationships.

From : Ms Bharathi Kaza
21 Aug '08

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