Why we should all love Sonia Gandhi and Respect her

The very fact that 1 billion people were not put to shame because of a person of foreign origin becoming the Prime Minister of India is the most valid reason why we should all love Sonia Gandhi. But there is more to Sonia Gandhi. She is the ideal bahu who could please a ma-in-law as dynamic as Mrs. Indira Gandhi who herself was unable to balance her life between her father and her husband. Sonia Gandhi quietly played her role to balance the imbalances of a famous family ruined by the egos of the other 2 leading ladies of the house. Her sense of balance stayed with her through the turmoils of a dead brother-in-law, a sister-in-law who was thrown out, a mother-in-law who was killed and a husband that became Prime Minister and was later killed. Even one of these incidents in one's life could have lead to imbalances but Sonia has shown the stuff she is made of and has always tried to focus on what is there to salvage and has managed to maintain a fair balance in her own life and that of her family.

She has moved on quietly from power to disaster to power to disaster to power to. Never has she been not up to the task. Through these troubling times she has managed to keep a balance in her children's lives. Priyanka is happily married with children and Rahul is doing what he should be doing. She has managed to let them learn to love and forgive and keep bitterness out of their lives, and above all grow as different individuals and yet respect each other. Rahul and Priyanka have cordial relationships with their volatile aunt Menaka Gandhi and their Cousin. The present visit of Priyanka shows how she has done what she felt was right by meeting the assassin of her father and yet Rahul has quietly and respectfully said he has a different viewpoint on the issue. Never has a different point of view expressed so lovingly between family. Menaka Gandhi and her ma-in-law could have used some of this talent which is surely a gift from Sonia Gandhi to her children.

Like she kept working for the Gandhi family so has she done for her children, the Congress party and also India. She has led the party and managed to focus on where the congress party is united and has controlled dissent. She has even managed to bring back to her fold the bitterest voice of dissent, Mr. Sharad Pawar, to her camp without compromising on his individuality. That is Sonia Gandhi's charm. She does not believe in threatening people but persuading them quietly but consistently.

However that does not mean she is a mild person. She has the strength and conviction to show the way to mould a family, an organization and a nation. The overzealous and the sycophants of the congress party know how tough she can get. She truly is worthy of the title of Gandhi that she carries in her name. Creating leaders of others is a quality that we should aspire for and not always hanker after posts for ourselves. If we are destined to have Rahul Gandhi as our future Prime Minister who better than Sonia to mould him. India could have asked for no other bahu to provide the support and strength that the first family of the country requires. Italy may not have lost much, but we have gained a lot.

From : Webmaster
16 Apr '08

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