She is My Motherland

She let millions live on her land, Teaching them to walk hand in hand.
People who came across, Said she brings in fame, but never loss.
The kind heart of this 'Great Mother' Is as soft as a feather.
Thousands invaded her land, But couldn't even take a hand full of sand.
She showed us the great Himalayan rock, And said life isn't a cakewalk.
The found Arunachal towards East,
Where the sun rises to bring in glory And kill the dark night Beast.

To the West came the Thar Desert, Where one can't live like a coward.
Finally reached the South down, At Kanyakumari, I found, The Great Vivekananda Rock,
Who while meditating stopped the turn of his clock.
From North to South she carries beautiful rivers,
And clads my land like a blanket that covers.
She let us live and enjoy on her soft sand,
And embrace us after our journey into her land.

From : Divya Sri.K
04th Feb ' 09

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