School Sports are Energizer for Teenage Development

School sports are good for young students such as scholastic ability. Inn college life, students sometimes suffer from anxiety, shyness and psychological problems. Such mental state is not a good sign for a teenager to begin high school education. Students must engage in sport activities such as they may be a member of basketball team, football team or cricket and play with intense spirit. These activities will enhance self confidence of students and they may get rid of many teen age problems which hinder academic performance and overall development. As students are more involved in sports, they perform better in next session. With every athletic success, student's overall behavior will change when they participate in school sport. They may feel part of a team. At this stage, this is a basic requirement for both girls and boys.

School sports participation enhances student's self confidence and his grades improve dramatically. He became an honor student and once again was at the top of his class. He will willingly participate in numerous sports or his favorite sport and get scholarship at college level. Teenagers will be more self-assured, bright, caring man and contribute to society through their services. It is really depressing news when we all hear that about school districts want to cut sports programs to save money. It can not imagine what they must be thinking. Organized sports have so much to offer. It is an amazing way to inspire confidence, teamwork and leadership into a teenager. It can be a chess club or the football team. It is really considered that simply attending classes is simply not enough to prepare a teenager in the formative years.

Parents must also encourage their teenage son or daughter to activity participate in school sport. They must provide all facilities and funds to make their child physically and mentally fit. Students who do not get opportunities to participate in school sports may suffer most in the long term. Students who are deprived of sports may be a looser in their life.

From : Ragini Sinha
17th Oct '08

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