Salute to Great Souls

India a country, a land of penance, a land of righteous people, a land of karma, a land of dharma, and a land of religions has so much to tell this world. Each great personality born on this punya bhoomi have done such remarkable things, which last for millions of years to come. Knowing and learning about these great men, are the greatest moral lessons of the world. Amongst our great leaders, we can proudly mention the names of - Mahatma Gandhi, Jawaharlal Nehru, Sarojini Naidu, Durgabhai Deshmukh, Dr. Ambedkar, Mohammed Iqbal, Sardar Patel, Bal Gangadar Tilak, Moulana Abul Kalam Azad, Rabindranath Tagore, Subash Chandra Bose, Jhansi Rani, V.V. Giri and many others.

The drive, the inspiration and the desire, which has motivated all these great men, are very simple and straight. They never ever felt they belonged to different religions, cultures, traditions, tastes, regions and languages. They chose different routes but their destination and goals were one. Their discipline and desire was one - Service to humanity! Their only aim and ambition was to achieve freedom to India. This great cause has led all people, irrespective of their origin, into one single path. Obviously none wanted and did anything to gain name or popularity. It was only a sincere dream to serve the humanity - a noble deed. Human beings can remain one and united only when the inner sense and the inner meaning of the faith is absorbed by every one in its true sense. All our great souls have done more than required to convey this sincere message to the world. Rest lies in our hands! Moulana, a great patriotic and a divine soul, was born 11TH NOVEMBER 1888 in Mecca. A true leader, his real life stories deserve a second read and more importantly a greater attention.

Hopefully these stories will one day contribute towards directional thinking among the people in the greater years to come. Azad's thoughts pour out such immense great realities. All this is possible only when an individual thinks applying both his head and heart. No matter at any age and time, to resolve certain unsolved problems man has to commit himself both physically, mentally and spiritually. Only then he can be stated as the crusader of all times. Azad always was of the opinion that one should not go back to the rigidities, which exist in every religion. Instead he wanted us to look at those suitable, adaptable and humanitarian adjustments, which makes this world a better place to live. I stress, Azad was a Poet, an orator, an educationist, a scholar, a vivid writer, a freedom fighter, a politician, a philosopher and above all a gentleman with righteous thoughts. He was genuinely a multifaceted personality.

May be with all his versatile talents in diverse fields, Azad surely had an edge over others to convey his feelings in the best possible manner. By his great dreams and indeed greater actions, Azad has left an indelible imprint on India and its philosophy. He was a man with charming personality, with a rarest gift of inspiring people, and had the admiration from everyone from nook and corner who came in contact with him. He always had the greatest quality of seeing the positive side of others and was always a very sympathetic listener. He was also an Advocate and a promising orator. Azad used all his talents to bring change in the society and liberate the mankind. Blessed is India to have had a Great Son of all times. He can also be termed as a mentor of the mankind. Abul Kalam was a socially conscious individual and a person who ceaselessly toiled to lighten the burdens of religious differences and tried to marginalize the relations between people.

Knowing about Azad, gave me an opportunity to reform myself. Frankly speaking, the idea behind my attempt in writing about Azad was to know about the contributions of Indian Muslims towards Independence. Going through various books and understanding Azad's life, I realize that our Muslim Brothers were no less in their thoughts and sacrifices towards their motherland. So all of us have equally inherited this great land. We the inheritors of this great land, India, can always remain proud of our great leaders. We have the highest duty to understand their agony, concern, and principles in their true sense and adopt them, so as to make our country a better place to live.

Azad stated that basic truths are common to all religions. When all others are fighting in the name of religion, Azad had a very nice way of expressing his sincere contribution towards Hindu-Muslim unity. Azad's life-long commitments to genuine religiosity and religious large-heartedness have not even received lip sympathy. So it is now time for all of us to dedicate to Azad's sincere principles. Having crossed sixty years after 'Independence', India is still struggling hard to come to terms with religious plurality. It is here that the example of Maulana Abul Kalam Azad, one of the leading lights of the freedom movement, and one whose legacy is today little known, is particularly valuable. What is especially instructive about Azad\''s life was his firm faith in Islam as well as his passionate commitment to communal harmony and a secular state. I reiterate that with out any more delay, we should overcome our narrow thinking and follow the footsteps of our great leaders.

Else according to Azad, "Single moment's carelessness And the journey will be prolonged by another hundred years" Are we not glad to know of this great personality? Moulana Abul Kalam Azad? Let us all re-dedicate ourselves to the cause of our Nation and feel proud to be an Indian. Mera Bharath Mahaan

From : Bharathi Kaza
30th Jan ' 09

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