Population Explosion is Growing Concern in India

India is facing intense problem of population outburst. People are experiencing the crisis such as climate change, shortage of food and also severe energy crisis that are all related to the ever-increasing population. Our civilization is being squeezed between rising population densities. It can be said that if such trends continue, there will be a severe shortage of food supply. The government should impose a population control system upon every person living in the country by limiting them to have one child. The eruption of population has affected the standard of living of the people. The time has come when future citizens while in educational institutions should understand various issues related to the population problem. It has been observed that in some places, there is a shortage of drinking water. Village people started migrating to cities where they can get some water and employment. Today, in some places, people have start fighting for food, water and place to live. The heavy centralization of India's family planning programs often prevents due consideration from being given to regional differences. Centralization is encouraged to a large extent by reliance on central government funding. As a result, many of the goals and assumptions of national population control programs do not correspond exactly with local attitudes toward birth control. In large part of India, people have strong preference for sons which leads to population growth. They have a feeling that sons will assist with farm labour as they are growing up. Son will also serve as their parent's only security in old age.

The government should implement program to reduce unplanned pregnancies, lowering fertility rates to the sun replacement levels and also they should try to provide assistance to people. An important family planning program in India is the Project for Community Action in Family Planning. Located in Karnataka, the project operates in 154 project villages and 255 control villages. All project villages are of sufficient size to have a health sub centre, although this advantage is offset by the fact that those villages are the most distant from the area's primary health centres. The project is much assisted by local voluntary groups, such as the women's clubs. The local voluntary groups either provide or secure sites suitable as distribution depots for condoms and birth control pills and also make arrangements for the operation of sterilization camps. Data provided by the Project for Community Action in Family Planning show that important achievements have been realized in the field of population control.

Population control program is essential because of the energy crisis. If this issue is ignored, it will have dangerous consequences. . Many factors are also directly or indirectly associated with over population. People often experience a shortage of employment opportunities, but they should understand that job opportunity is not related to population. Many young men and women do not get employment according to their education therefore they involve in criminal activities and become drug peddler. Most people are not aware of the fact that the environmental problem is associated with population. Many people believe that there is a strong link between the growing global population and climate change. Resources are limited in the environment and if people keep using them all then there will be crisis for future generation. Others believe that unmanaged population growth could lead to catastrophe because of the Earth's finite resources. Therefore, it can be said that majority of population is concerned about the impact of overpopulation on their lives, the Earth and the future.

Global warming is also related to overpopulation. To control global warming, population must be controlled. As the population grows, the demand for the consumption of energy such as electricity, cars and other energy resources increases which in turn affects the nature. If population growth is controlled, people can control the ever increasing of burning energy that might hamper their future. Many countries in the world are global warming polluter, contributing greenhouse gas emissions primarily from transportation, industry and power plant sources. The other thing that people should be concerned about is the infrastructure. All of us should understand that places are getting smaller and smaller as the population grows. Places, which once held beautiful landscape, have been turned into mega complexes to house the increasing number of people.

Population also affects on the education system. Today, education is very expensive and few people can afford to attend colleges or even high school. The shortage of seats in the colleges and universities are limited and many parents afford to bear the cost of education of more than two children. Hence this is another reason that people should keep smaller families so that they can afford the better facilities for all of them. Over population can cause many problems that people are not aware. Some issues are relating to nature, other relates to crime growth and also less of employment opportunities. Today, many younger generations understand that having few children can help protect the environment. The disparity that lies here is that many younger people feel that they have the right to have as many children they want. Therefore, the only best thing to do in such a case is to better educate them with the merits of smaller family.

People live a world that has given us an ample of resources to sustain them and it is up to human beings on how they use the same. As the number of people grows, the amount of earth space is reduced. It should be remembered that people live in a world that has three parts water and one part land and if that falls short than they have no other option but to build man made islands to accommodate the ever increasing rise of population. The need to address the family planning scenario has become a very important concern and many countries have joined hand in taking up the matter to educate the general public about the consequences of having a large family. Younger generations today are more concerned about the environment because the way people are continuing, they have no idea what the world will be if the population keeps growing. Therefore, government should impose the law that a family shall not have more than one or two kids so that they can curb the population growth and also save the environment from the misuse of the energy by millions of people. Resources are dying out because human needs are increasing day-by-day. Sea levels are rising due to global warming. People survive on food and water. If stern action is not taken from the government to regulate population control then the country will become unrecognizable slums filled with broken-down housing, bad transportation, and hungry and thirsty people living on the filthy edge of human survival. Population contributes to a vast number of problems however, many countries have adopted family planning which is both successful and unsuccessful but they have managed to put the word across to many about the issues and concerns that they should be aware of and that prevention is better than cure.

Population growth is an important issue for any country. If better facilitates are not provided then many young people take up the path of crime just to sustain themselves and this also becomes a major concern of the government as the inmate population also increase and they have to build various other infrastructure to hold them. However, the major concern regarding over population is that of nature and shortage of food and water. Developing countries like India, Pakistan should take better precaution to curb the increasing number of people as many would thing that they might find opportunities in these areas because they are still yet to be developed. The government should therefore be strict with laws to limit over population without hurting the feeling of the general public. Note: This article is just for information purpose. Writer is not responsible for any argument.

From : Ragini Sinha
06th Nov ' 08

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