Individual a Resource, Research Centre

Individual a Resource, Research Centre

Why dwell elsewhere when every thing lies within us? We come across varied people in our every day life. There is lot to know, understand and learn from every one. But we don't. Why? Because, - we are hooked for a purpose. We are out for a job. May be because our time is measured. Measured with the yardstick of money. We are committed towards it. We are inclined to finish our assigned job, so that we are ready for our next job. So we do not have time to stand and stare. As Words Worth rightly puts it - Miles to go before I sit and stare. But by this attitude did we at least cover a few miles in our lives? Does this rat race we run for the whole of our lives take us at least a few yards? Not exactly.

We forgot to measure our miles in values but learnt to measure them in volumes. We lived our lives in ages but not in attitudes. The hundred years we live, is our life span. But many great men like Tennyson, Swami Vivekananda, and few others lived not even for forty years but made a mark for themselves. Hundred years is our life. But even few hundred hours doing the right and the required things can put us in that right place. We often ponder, exhaust and evaporate in petty issues. Why? Because this world itself is a big circus, a melodrama! As we get engrossed we get forgetful. The moment we forget our right destiny- we travel.

In this travel we cover miles and miles. Not realising that even a single mile we travelled is in the right direction. Then what do we do? We start supporting ourselves. Start appreciating our achievements. We very well know that none of those are our accomplishments and those miles we travelled are not worthy. But we do not admit. Because by now we covered 50% of our life's journey. Because we see lot of unsuccessful people around us than those successful ones. Now we don't mind being categorised either way. Because it ultimately does not matter to us. By this attitude what have we done to ourselves? We have put our inner self to rest. And whenever it has to raise its head we suppressed it. We do not have answers to its questions. We know the questions are harsh but true. Now it's time. Shall we still suppress our inner voice or listen to it silently. Yes do listen to it. It has something valuable to say. No matter we lived major part of our lives; we have not committed any crime not listening to it. We have only danced on the stage for a rhythmic beat. Fine! But for how long. Can we relax and reward ourselves? The reward that is welcomed both by material and eternal world. Then let us do something.

All this is not to run away from realities of life. It's not to go far away to conduct penance. It is here and now we do something, which is in the midst of our own people. Let us start living a purposeful LIFE. Let us develop those human relations, which are really humane in nature. H - be humane- help the needy. U - be united- believe God is one. M - Mantra of life is maanavatva. A - No arms and ammunitions. N - Nature is beautiful. Admire and protect. R - Spread the Religion of humanity. E - Life is Eternal - shed Egos. L - Live, Love and Labour. A - Almighty is one. T - Truth and tolerance are most needed. I - Turn Impossible to I 'am' possible. O - Respect Others opinions. N - Never aspire for fame for it comes on its own. S - be Sincere. Now stop preaching and Start practicing. It is not impossible. We will find happiness. May be we will not cover miles and miles. But those few steps in the right direction give happiness and contentment. It is sure to give us eternal satisfaction.

From : Ms Bharathi Kaza
21 Aug '08

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