Homework Problem for Teenagers

Homework is burdensome for many teenagers. They always request teachers to limit the homework. But teacher's duty is to impart good education and prepare high professionals in their college. Excess homework is a part an education system that is important for deep knowledge.

It is important for teenagers to know how much of a day at school is wasted. Although teenagers spend almost a full working day in school, much of that time is spent walking from classroom to classroom, lining up, talking with friends, waiting for individual, and waiting for the teacher to attain silence before speaking. School must accommodate mass vaccinations, assemblies, guest speakers, sports tournaments, blood donations, careers expos, balls, and a long, long list of other activities which are part of school life. Sometimes teens think that if they will not be able to adjust when involve these extra-curricular events which may interfere with learning.

Another trend in schools is the promotion of group work. Of course students must learn to cooperate with each other, as in a work force but in a typical environment there must be a balance between working with others and working separately. Some teachers never achieve, or aim for, a quiet classroom. All students have their own learning styles, but some teens are learners who need a non-stimulating environment to learn important facts in science and other activities like math exercises, rote-learning of vocabulary (in foreign language), formulating a comprehensible argument (in essay writing) and considering over a new idea.

The major problem with teenagers is that they often do not have such a learning environment at home. This is more applied to students from low-socio economic backgrounds, which do not have separate study room and have to share bedroom with numerous other siblings, or looking after them while the parents work shifts. It is only the students from privileged backgrounds who have their own bedrooms in which to study, with a desk, good lighting, heating and so on. But fewer of these privileged have parents with the prudence to limit their use of the internet and mobile phones during completion of homework. If schools can not provide the quiet learning time that traditional learning requires, it is certainly not going to be made up at home in the majority of cases. It has been observed that the students who perform excellent at school do most of their real learning in their own time.

Schools are a good setting where student can play sports; learn social skills and practical subjects such as cooking. But schools do not achieve well these days is the provision of a learning environment suited to subjects such as mathematics and languages. In school hours, in most schools, more time is allocated to administration and behavior management than to real learning. If proper learning is not provided at school, teens may suffer a lot to complete their home work.

Some schools permit mobile phone use during class, and some groups of students will not listen to a teacher who speaks for more than five minutes at a time. The attention span of these students has never been challenged. If students work can work efficiently in class, among noise and social interaction, they can complete their learning in school and they do not have to spent mush time in doing homework at home. Unhappily, most students do not understand this fact and especially boys who are more interested in enjoying among group rather than devoting time on studies at school. Teenage is the age when students are very careless and they do not know how to study in disciplined way. It is advised to teens that they must consult professionals if they face such problems in studies.

From : Ragini Sinha
06th Nov ' 08

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