Grow and Save Trees

A tree has feelings. It responds when hurt, Blooms and glooms when fed with manure and water but its heart break when neglected or more importantly being cut by man for its personal use. It serves man kind in innumerable ways. It gives food, protects environment, gives oxygen and retains soil erosion to name a few.All the hue and cry about damage to nature is centered around depletion of forests mainly trees. We have seen that and climate are two chief factors that influence tree resources.

The recommended minimum forest cover is about 33 % of total geographical area which has already come down to 29 %. In many countries including India the forest cover is as low as 20 % which is a great matter of concern.

The factors responsible for depletion of forest cover many and varied .They from region to region and country to country.They are:

  1. Use of agric fuels
  2. Hunting and poaching
  3. Deforestation
  4. Pollution
  5. Economic exploitation and many other agents like soil erosion, floods extension of deserts and grazing by domestic animals.

Majority of these factors are governed by man and can be controlled by him in several may such as

  1. Prevention of biodiversity
  2. Sustainable resources use
  3. Better quality of life, clean air and water
  4. Aesthetic pleasure and most important replantation.

Just think that is one person plant just 10 trees in his whole life and nurture them a lot of problems concerning global warming and small ask but very crucial for the mankind.

Dear, when ever you eat a delicious fruit, open a wooden door or walk on a glittering wooden floor or write on a paper think a tree or trees has sacrificed their life. We live for our selves, they live for us. They can't speak but the message is very clear. Plant more and more trees to better your own life. Act now or it will be very late. Time never returns. Trees do not incarnate, perhaps man does.

From : Niti Sharma
24 th April ' 09

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