A Great King But- An Unsuccessful Father

You all would listen to Your Parents. All of you are Papas pets. What Ever your Parents tell you, is Music To Your Ears? Your favourite song-Papa kahete hai bada naam karegaa. Beta hamaara bada kaam karegaa. But when I do the same to my son, you call me cruel. You call me Rakshasaa. Why? What rules are you all talking about? Yes I am that angry father Hiranyakasepa. After all I wanted my son to listen my words. Yes! Again you are there yelling at me; that I am a Rakshasaa and that gods are different.

That's what you all chant "Om Namoo Naraayanaaayaa" yes all of you endorse and tell it's a divine mantra. When will you all understand that I too lived in the same world? Just like how you all have so many gods, swamijis and religions we also had the same in our times. Now you all call yourself sovereign, secular, republic. People in our times would never believe all this. We had lots of restrictions. Common! tell me don't you all follow the rules of your land. Don't you obey the rules of your country? You also call them what Fundamental Rights? Constitutional rules and regulations? In the same way I also wanted to impose my rules in my country.

I was of course, a powerful and dynamic king of my times. Every one in my kingdom obeyed me except my dear son, Prahalaada. Yes you all know he was misguided and driven into the wrong path. Still I loved him so much. NOW TELL ME. 1. Would you allow your child to follow the rules of your neighbouring land? 2. Would you allow him to be Indian by birth and alien at heart? 3. Would you simply allow your son to follow the rules in your neighbour's house? Just the same way I wanted my son prahalaada to obey my words. Any way, my enemy (I don't want to take his name) attacked me in the Narasimha Avataara and you all called its moksha to the world. Don't be so unreasonable.

Do not be hypocrites. Was I not a perfect Father and a great king? What are your politicians doing? With all their wrong deeds and scams have you ever outcaste them. So! At least now admit that it was utter injustice done to me. I am not asking you to take my case to your supreme courts. Admit that I was right in my lifetime. At least I will not shake in my grave. By Bharathi Kaza

From : JP. Bharathi Kaza
14 th Feb ' 09

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