Efficiency In The Era Of Technology

In this beautiful world, man has travelled a long way in almost all walks of life. If we look at the journey of a man, it’s really amazing. For his smooth and comfortable livelihood, human being made everything in nature an instrument for his well being.

From Stone Age to technological era, man has devised ways and means to communicate. He used animals, birds, metals, signs, figures, shapes, signals, symbols, humans and also clouds as communication tools. Now with advancement in technology and electronic media, he could comfortably communicate in seconds and try to reach out to anyone in this world.

This entire journey of communication is a dream come true to humanity. We threw out all kinds of barriers and could interact with people across the world. Now, when an opportunity is created, there is surely a new enthusiasm and we need to explore the ecstasy out of it and try to start our life’s new journey with a song.

Technology has come into existence with the help of many people who tirelessly worked both on software and hardware. They had to create new devices, techniques, languages for easy usage of the common man.

The young and the old have equally put efforts to learn and travel with this new technology. In the beginning and for some time, it’s all fine. But do we need to stop, think and utilize this opportunity in a more productive way. A sure question to all of us!

With so many efforts we are able to use this technology with just a click of a button. So we need to put it to proper use and benefit out of this and try to prosper. What are all the ways and means, we can benefit from this technology. Let us list out the possible ways we can become productive in this technological era:

  1. Start a retail online outlet, and generate some business
  2. Become an event manager
  3. Teach the masses how to read and write
  4. Teach the general public how to use the technology
  5. Create online YouTube videos and educate people in various languages and subjects
  6. Learn more languages
  7. Conduct training and workshops for needy
  8. Start basic classes in various areas
  9. Associate with NGOs to spread awareness in various areas
  10. Benefit the masses by helping them learn the uses of technology and gadgets

While we start enjoying the fruits of invention, we also need to maximise the productivity levels. If not, when certain section of the society is busy innovating, and bringing advancement in an economy, few others remain unproductive. So there is real need to think on these lines, and use technology and communication to progress in our lives.

If not just as we had lot of gap in our history between literate and illiterate, urban and rural, now we will find different kinds of differences, like tech savvy and non tech savvy population. We would repeat the same kinds of differences, in a new way. As there was suppression in the name of race, caste, sex, community, we are facing the discrimination till date. Now if we don’t take technology and its associated problems seriously, we might create another kind of discrimination.

With so many differences, India cannot move hand in hand with its entire population. This is going to create a new problem once again on the well being of mankind. The need of the hour is to look at things and changes in every area in totality and find a suitable solution to every problem in this changing society.

Ms. J.P.Bharathi
(M.Com; M.Phil, PG Dip in Psychotherapy & Counselling; MS(Psychology & Counselling),
Certificate in Astrology, Facilitator & Student Counsellor