Effective Tips for taking Examination

Some students have intense examination stress. They have a fear that they will fail in examination. Due to this fear, they usually do not prepare well for examination even though they can perform better. Some students relax while taking exams. The period of examination is not a complicated issue for these students. They also produce good results. But many students experience excessive tension in examination. Such students usually are worried about making mistakes, and have less confidence to perform better.

There are some effective guidelines which may help students to lessen their fear from examination. It is advised that students must not think too much about subject preparation in order to pass in exams. Whether they are taking an exam for school, board, licensure, driver's license, equivalency, or any type of exam, they must relax and peacefully revise the topics. Students must understand that they need not to study thoroughly during this period. They must only go through the study material and just familiarize with its structure. Does the study material contain objective questions, or does it contain subjective ideas that will probably come as essay questions. Feel free to revise 2 to 3 times. It is not advisable to memorize terms many times. Then students will find that their concentrated studying during the eve of the exam will be much easier.

During examination, students can use relaxation technique which suits them. Background music can both be an asset or liability during exam preparation period. Some people love to turn on the music while they are reviewing for exams. This is relaxing but it depends on student. If it disturbs the students then they can adopt other way to relax. The brain can process better when it focuses on a particular stimulus at a particular time. Music can be used during 10 or 15 minute breaks. After some intervals, they can relax by closing book and review materials and listen to some music. It will keep their intellectual faculties actively functioning even while they are relaxing.

The most important tip to reduce tension during examination is that students should not anything five minutes before exams. It works for a lot of students and they get success in examination. It is a known fact that others try to relieve the pressure by chatting with a classmate or fellow exam taker. Talking a lot can mess up and scatter student‘s thoughts because words invoke ideas and experiences. When students talk too much during examination, there are more chances that what they studied will be pushed back from their consciousness and hide back inside brain. As a preparation for the mental exercise students are advised to try to be silent at least five minutes before the exam starts.
Some students may think that these tips are not useful in their examination period. But these methods are commonly used by a certain professionals. They are well settled and advised students to follow such pattern during examination to alleviate stress.


This article is based on the experience of some professionals. Writer is not responsible for any problem.

From : Ragini Sinha
05th Nov ' 08

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