Colors reflect Personality

Colors have great significance in individual's life. Every human being has distinctive fondness. People select colors that make them feel soothing and comfortable. Tints and shades of color we choose reveal our personality on any platform. While choosing clothes, decorating interiors, we use colors according to our choice. Colors are categorized as primary, secondary and tertiary colors. Primary colors are the red, blue, and yellow. These three colors form the triad. When we mix two primary colors together, it forms the secondary colors such as mixing red and blue will form purple.

The largest influence on the human state of mind with the possible exception of the weather is color. Colors are the major factor in interior design. A beautiful house in not complete unless it's interior is not designed. The picking of color for any purpose and how color affects human behavior is a matter of concern. Color should be chosen carefully for dresses, interiors, and other accessories to attract attention and to live peacefully. People should not hesitate to use color in their home environment. Some times it has been observed that people are afraid to use particular color. The first step to relinquish fear in the use of color is to know about significance of color.

Common concepts for some colors are-
Red is known to stimulate the appetite, so it's an excellent color for dining rooms. At the same time red is also a sign of danger and in traffic rule; it means to stop your vehicle. So the variable nature of color must be known before including colors in your personal life.

Both blue and green are fresh and calming. They are the colors of nature and could be popular choices for bedrooms and also they are the symbol of peace.

Yellow and orange are energizing like the sun, so are good choices in rooms where your energy may need boosting - the kitchen perhaps. These colors provide heat so they should be selected for winter dresses. Orange in its toned down terracotta form can be ideal in a home office; it has the energizing effect of both red and orange but isn't so bright that you won't be able to stay at your desk.

Purple color represents royalty and fairness. The use of purple supports uncertainty and indisposition. We have learned from the childhood that: "a red rag to a bull", "blue with cold", and "green with envy". It is worth investing in a color Wheel to help you see how colors matches with each other before you splatter out on several gallons of grapefruit yellow and olive green paint for the bedroom. And really consider carefully whether a violet and lime green living room is something you can live with.

In house, strong colors are best confined to the rooms that have less usage. Hallways and cloakrooms are ideal spaces in which to experiment. When trying to decide what color scheme to choose for a room, look at the furniture and objects you want to use. You may have a painting or a rug that can act as your inspiration. To live healthy, happy and high order life, choice of color for personal use has a great significance. Colors serve as a way of communication. We can communicate great messages through colors. These colors will represent our inner feelings for specific object, situation and event.

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