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We are living in the world of liberalization, globalization. Information and universal cultures are all pervading. With satellite and virtual world around us there is no need for a debate on co- education system. Unanimously the answer for such question is, we cannot the restrict freedom. All we can do is to grind in the proper human values with right and the wrong, good and the bad, ethical and unethical.

Of course! Every great man who wrote of youth friendships is always true! But and only if our friend and friendships are true and sincere. So who is a true friend? How to find and assess who is our true companion or a friend. Is there a standard formula or a strict mathematical or a scientific rule which can be applied to test a friendship. For most of our social situations there are no perfect formulas. The laboratory is our living society. So societal rules get applicable to every societal situation. Each situation varies, same way the answers too. There is as such no single answer or solution to even the same question. We are on the cross roads of our life. So who can guide us? Our parents! Councilors! Teachers!

Yes! All the three above, and one is also the right person to guide himself. As long as one is able to weigh the good and bad, right and wrong without any prejudice he can be the right person to guide himself.

So if one has the direction, assessment of good and bad listen to your inner voice. And also listen to your elders. With this mind set there is no hiding. There are no contradictions. All this exercise is only to see that there is no single step in our youthful life, which will talk on our character. All this is only to assure and insure life devoid of thorns. Accepting wise men words requires a sense of rationality, logic, wisdom, and reasoning. When we are swayed by emotions, sentiments, feelings and fears we cannot view things dis passionately.

Where to draw the invisible line in our lives. Do not ever go by the celluloid world and dream life, they do not match our real life situations. These rules are similar to boys and girls. Both get mentally damaged if they do not maintain healthy friendships.

Most of our friendships develop at school and university levels. Universities are the schools of character. We has students should adopt the character and mould ourselves into right direction. So when can we assure ourselves that our friendship is true and in the right direction.

Observe these points

Is your friend looking at your progress?
Does he or she encourage you in your merits?
Does your friend stand by your side in adversity?
Does your friend behave the same way when you are alone or when you are with others?
Does your friend give you positive strokes of encouragement?
Does he call the right the right and wrong the wrong.

Always Remember:

Friend ship is a public relationship. Never entertain anything behind the four walls of a room.
Friendship can never be compelling imposing or bothering. Is your friend happy with your merits? Is there anything between you and your friend who is against the usual ethical, moral and social norms of the society?
Are there instances, which make you, feel irksome and make you think this is not the way?
If the friend ship is between the opposite sexes closely monitor the behavior of your friend.
What ever you talk in private can you talk the same in the public too?
Is your friend ship taxing i.e. you are to give gifts and accept gifts without any rhyme and reason

Be peaceful. Analyze every aspect mentioned above. Let me stress again. Are you matured enough to balance the good and bad, right and wrong correctly. Then go by your conscious thinking. Else take a proper advice. After all your parents, teachers and the councilors duty is only to put you in the right track.

Life is priceless. We cannot make irreversible mistakes. Let‘ remember we are growing everyday and change every minute. Physical change is inevitable, so is the mental change. When we are wrong at some stage in our life we are sure to contradict not with the world but with our own self.

So youth should put every step towards the right direction. We have already encouraged and welcomed the society into our homes and personal lives. So the debate is not whether to have co-education or not, but a unanimous decision to nurture and develop a healthy and value based society.

By, Mrs J.P. Bharathi

From : Bharathi Kaza
13th Mar' 2010

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