Children's role in reducing Family Tension

Children may share a lot to ease family hypertension. Children can solve many difficult problem and help in reducing stress. Generally, people feels that kids are innocent, delicate and can not understand the severe problems. Kid's statements are taken lightly in the family because they are not experienced. Elders have to look after them and they need counseling and guidance every time to adjust in the environment. It's quite true because they are in the learning stage and due to lack of experience they need assistance from their elders. But we should not ignore children. Though they can not express their feelings well but they understand the family problems and sometime find better solution than elders. Elders approach to the problem in traditional manner, kids attempt in general way.

Many psychological research and studies specify that some children have supreme qualities. They have inborn skill to manage their life and resolve complex problems which are challenging to their elders. But children do not get a chance to resolve as they are underestimated and seniors usually do not involve them in family and social affairs. Some times family head had to suffer from mental stress and these tensions affect their health badly. Such pessimistic approach some times gives birth to other problems and children' personality is also getting affected. Kids may develop feeling of insecurity; they lose confidence level and more dependent on elders. Many times, it has been observed that such children in their teens and adulthood period can not cope up with even simple problems.

Families with broadminded approach communicate any serious matter with all family members including children. In this way, children feel very superior and use their mind to get rid of any barrier. They develop a feeling that they are responsible member of family and it is their duty to solve problems. When kids come with wonderful solution of problem, parents have a great sensation and their all tensions automatically get released. It also helps them to maintain good health. We have to share our sorrow with kids as we share happiness. It will assist kids to solve their life problems in better way.

Children are our future and they must not be ignored at any cost. Kids must get healthy environment to improve their talent so that they are well prepared to deal with threatening situation. They need attention and their presence must be recognized.

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