Children increase their knowledge from social atmosphere

Human beings learn in every stage of life. Learning is basically the act of gaining of knowledge and the processing of that knowledge into memory. Children's mind is just a blank in which he writes up everything that happens around them. Child learns technique to do a great many things in his immediate environment simply by watching others. Learning takes many shapes and forms. A child observes to solve many problems in the way others do and gain experience. Without these experiences development and growth cannot emerge. The experiences we encounter help to cover how he sees the world, and himself.

Children learn through modeling from other's behavior. They copy what others are doing in any social setting and learn. Social learning plays a crucial role in personality development. By imitating elders, he comes to know how to behave with others, how to do deal with strange situation and learns to make time schedule and future plans. Social learning theories elucidate how boys imitate other boys and men, while girls imitate other girls and women. Boys learn many masculine traits and feel responsibilities that some of the tasks are performed by men only. In the same way, girls also follow mothers and elder sister to behave in feminine way and look after household task. She learns how to care and be polite with elders. She also learns to keep patience in odd situation and unite Children increase their knowledge from social atmosphere. By observing other people, child learns appropriate behavior. Albert Bandura, a social learning theorist stated that, "People not only gain understanding through reflection, they evaluate and alter their own thinking". In a social structure men and women operate in different domains of society, they behave in different ways.

Many people believe that kids do not understand. They behave in awkward manner. Children learn these behaviors and express in front of elders. Children increase their knowledge from social atmosphere members and school staff must be cautions while doing any thing in the presence of children because they are guiding figure for children. They must put great efforts to provide good knowledge and help them to increase vocabulary to make their future bright. Children watch everything in social structure and try their best to reproduce. When going to market with elder member, they learn how to deal with shopkeeper. Here, elders must teach appropriate behavior otherwise child learns wrong behavior. Children gain wonderful things while traveling. It can be said that kids innocent mind is minutely observe others and acquire methods to handle life problem.

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