Benefits Of Private Computer Education

Benefits Of Private Computer Education

I want to post an article bharathi BENEFITS OF PRIVATE COMPUTER EDUCATION Education! There are universities, autonomous bodies, institutions both government and private which are offering best education. Initially the authority and capacity of training an individual into a prefect person was vested in hands of the Universities. But then those were the days when university knew what to offer. But not all universities and centralized methods of training given are done considering the requirements of the market. The market today is global in nature. No doubt, all the Universities changed their methodology to attract and make the courses more competitive and industry friendly.

But all this has started only after the private educational institutions (PEI) posed a threat. When the student gets his ground level training in education in the 10+2 system of schooling, he should definitely go for superior, competitive and sought after education within the rigid time lines. The senior most computer professionals in any industry are not the products of any universities alone but it is their own commitment, hard work, right training and direction, which placed them on the top. It is also very essential to undergo crash courses rather than sticking to time consuming courses (excepting few crucial areas).The need today is to learn fast and learn it right, especially when the world is dynamic.

India as a country became computer literate to a large extent because of the private computer educational institutions. So this is enough to show that private institutions, albeit commercial in nature, were instrumental in training people in a massive scale in the most convenient and congenial atmosphere. The PEIs are linked with the enterprises, industry, and commerce and are offering job relevant opportunities. The Private Computer Educational Institutions are still today attracting the University students and are largely responsible for placing them ahead of the technology curve. No doubt the private computer education has been responsible to deliver high quality software education at the speed of business. Of course, it�s not the question of private or government. The reality is when the world has shrunk into a global village, its only the survival of the fittest which matters.

From : Bharathi Kaza
12th Jan ' 09

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