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If beauty is love, express it.

If beauty is labour, enjoy it.

If beauty is life, embrace it.

Physical attractions go a long way to define and refine beauty.

Beauty is in dress, jewellery, make-up, makeover and a lot more. An important party adds more to costume, colours and all other accessories.

A beautiful girl, pampered with lovely make-up and sensuous perfume, decked in contemporary colours and collections, perfectly feminine with a dash of romantic look are sure to grab the ultimate attention. No doubt, Beauty pageants and spicy glamour girls too with trendy looks, sparingly dressed are damn sure to turn around every ones eyes. The world over is celebrating beauty. It is celebrating the liberation, the sense of freedom and the innate power that a woman yields. But how strong are these appearances. Are these mere external looks and feelings?

A thought to ponder. Let us understand,
Is beauty external or internal!
Is beauty material or spiritual!
Is beauty mortal or immortal?

Taking from men to a monument anything that brightens the spirits and adds spice to life is beautiful. Beauty is also synonymous with women. Women’s liberation, freedom, innate power, zeal, enthusiasm, and the spirit to excel all talk volumes about beauty. To perform we need an expression. So it’s rightly stated that, “Social expression is an important factor in the development of human Personality.” Now beauty is no more an external appearance. It’s all in the beautiful mind, which makes a beautiful you.

Beauty is also how you feel inside. It takes a shape and form, increasing ones self-confidence.
However, Internalising beauty both inward and outward results into confidence and boils down to a positive expression. It is sure to enable us to turn from Impossible to I ‘am’ Possible. The reward that is welcomed both by material and eternal world.

Let us redefine beauty, which makes those human relations really humane in Nature.
B - Beauty is an expression
E – Life is Eternal – shed Egos.
A – Almighty is one.
U – be united- believe God is one.
T – Truth and tolerance are most needed.
Y – A beautiful you

Now, a beautiful expression that makes life eternal and recalls that god is one, teaches truth and tolerance makes a beautiful YOU.

An individual is a resource, a research centre to this beautiful nature. We are no doubt the Custodians of this beautiful nature. We have the duty of admiring and protecting this beautiful nature. So let us be humane- help the needy.

Spread the religion of humanity. Realise that life is a beautiful gift given by God to the Humans. So let us respect others opinions. Never aspire for fame, for it comes on its own.

Self-esteem, self-confidence are surely two sides of beauty which will adorn our beautiful personality. Life is nothing but live, love and labour. If beauty is a jewel, which crowns the invaluable eternal life. Let us all adorn it. A thing of beauty is a joy forever.

(I declare that this is an original article written by me.)

By, Mrs J.P. Bharathi

From : Bharathi Kaza
9th Jan ' 2010

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