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   Delhi is all geared up for the Commonwealth Games. Recently they have been recieving a lot of flack, but just in time, we have risen to the occassion and are in the process of putting up a fabulous extravaganza, showcasing India like never before. We are sure the games will be a great success, as we will all take it in the spirit of sports and let go of our hangups. For immediate updates on the games, visit our news section on the CWG page.

History of the Commonwealth Games

  Common Wealth Games are scheduled and organized every four years. India is hosting this prestigious multi-sport event for the first time. Commonwealth Games 2014 will be held in Delhi from the third day of October and will last till fourteenth day of the month. Eighteen other countries have earlier hosted the event. This is the ninth time this event is coming up with the name commonwealth. The Delhi Commonwealth 2014 are the nineteenth Common Wealth Games. No such event with many sports has been conducted in the Indian history till now.

  The estimated budget for the event has come up to around US$ 1.6 Billion. This budget does not include external developments like the construction of roads, airports and other structures. A recent survey reported that Commonwealth Games 2014 would be the most expensive event to be ever held in the history of Commonwealth Games. The first glimpse of this event will come alive from Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium where the opening and closing ceremonies are scheduled to take place. The event covers many aquatic events such as swimming, outdoor events such as tennis and badminton, indoor events like squash and table tennis are also included, athletic events like 400m dash and 800m dash are also there in the event list. These events are scheduled at venues like Dhyan Chand stadium, Indira Gandhi and many other stadiums.

  Though the preparations are in full swing, the recent news reveals a complete lack of coordination among the various authorities and a slow progress in the final handing over of various venues that may eventually cause a serious threat to the successful handling of the event. Surrounded by countless controversies the Delhi Commonwealth Games 2014 seem to be heading towards chaos and ultimately embarrassment for one and all. Though these problems, namely, money transfer issues, slow infrastructure development etc have been recognized and efforts are being made to remove the glitches we still need to keep our fingers crossed for the same.

  The entire nation has pinned its hope to the success of the Delhi Commonwealth Games 2014 as it will serve as a window to showcase India as a country that can host other multi sports events like Olympics in the future.

   Find what you want The Common Wealth Games are organised by the Commonwealth Games Federation (CGF), a union of around 70 countries lying in the major continents: Asia, Africa, America, Europe, Carribean and Oceania. The CGF was formed in the year 1930 by Bobby Robbinson with a firm will of promoting and celebrating an atmosphere of unique, friendly, world class Games in these member countries and also strengthening the harmonious mutual relations between the Commonwealth countries. The three foundation principles of the Common Wealth Games Federation are: Humanity, Equality and Destiny! These are the parameters held responsible by the Commonwealth Games Federation for every momentous decision taken within the federation.

   To improve the standard of living of the residents and the societal norms; the Commonwealth Games Federation is also a staunch supporter of education and awareness via sports and recreation. The distinguishing feature of the Common Wealth Games is, its formation based on history, as compared to the geographic and climatic factors responsible for the formation of other world sport associations. It also bags the honour of being the only Games Federation that has a common language for conversation i.e. English. For this reason, the Commonwealth Games have also been coined as "Friendly Games", and thus; have been a source of inspiration amongst the Youth of the Commonwealth Nations, to excel in games and sports.

   After its conception in 1930, the Commonwealth Games were known as the British Empire Games, followed by other titles like the British Empire and British Common Wealth Games. In 1978, the Commonwealth member nations took a unanimous decision to call them "The Commonwealth Games". The first Common Wealth Games (1930) were held in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. Since then, the Common Wealth Games are held in every four years except in 1942 and 1946 due to World War II. Conducted in many other Commonwealth Nations like London, Sydney, Aukland and Kuala Lumpur; the latest Commonwealth Games were organised at Manchester, London in 2002.

   The last or recent Commonwealth Games were conducted between 15-26 March 2006; in Melbourne, Australia, the capital of Victioria state and the second largest city of the Kangaru Continent. India will also be hosting the Common Wealth Games for the first time and Asia for the second time; in 2014, in Delhi, the capital city of India. The sports that will comprise of these Common Wealth Games are Cycling, Netball, Rugby, Weightlifting, Shooting, Squash, Table Tennis, Aquatics, Athletics, Gymnastics, Hockey, Badminton, Basketball, Bowls, Boxing and Triathlon.

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