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Make exquisite cuisines, win prizes

One sure way to get entrenched into the heart of your spouse is through the culinary route. But then if you think just cooking homely meals with good taste is sufficient to your family, then you can't be grouped under successful homemakers.

Well, there is a plenty of scope to learn, improve and display a variety of skills in cookery which has become a modern art in itself. Apart from learning the preparation of special dishes through TV shows, there are countless books and kitchen guides which in simple terms narrate a "step by step process" in making exquisite cuisines across food genres like South Indian, Tandoori, Continental, Chinese and Italian.

It may be astonishing to know that even in typical South Indian (or North Indian) food varieties there are many adept innovations and extrapolations which cater to the palate requirements of diverse people.

Need to imbibe skills

While the traditional practices can be blended with the modern concepts and techniques which make cooking a delightful experience, a young aspirant, however, has to patient to imbibe the entire skillsets which can be acquired through a process of trial and error and makes one prone to anxiety combined with frustration to begin with.

As part of daily routine, we are used to take food consisting of a same formula dictated by habit and time constraints. But there are simple recipes which can be tried without straining much during weekends like potato bhajji (a spicy snack) or idli with chutney or chilli powder that can not only fill your family's stomach, but leaves a permanent impression on the taste buds.

Passion for trying new cuisines

Some womenfolk keep trying new cuisines out of sheer interest and thus keep broadening their skill sets with untiring efforts.

For them the art of cooking extends much beyond satisfying their immediate family members as they are inquisitive to know the preparation of cuisines made in different parts of the country and are unique to that particular custom and region.

In a way these kitchen entrepreneurs have to just tune their mind to the commercial prospects opening up to them so that they can market these food recipes for monetary gains in the short term.

Tapping the e-commerce route

A good homemaker has only to send her recipes and 'step by step process' of cuisine preparation by e-mail to our and her menu preparation will be given a prominent spot in the portal for others to see and get benefitted.

Moreover, to encourage talent and nudge others to take part in this online cookery show, a recipe contest is being organised and the aspirants and veterans alike can send their menu preparations with full details to the e-mail

You will get an acknowledgement from our internet team and will be posted on latest developments on the cookery front without delay from us. We at wish you happy cooking and please do join in our contest to display your culinary skills. For more details on the cookery contest, please do call at phone no:044 - 43504824 .

Contestants are requested to send in their own recipes, recipes they may not have invented but at least must have added a new flavour to. Also to be able to identify recipes as original, we want you to send a photo of your recipe. You can use the cellphone to capture the photo.

Contest Recipes

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