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Free Classifieds India

If you are looking for Free Classified Ads for India or India's top free classifieds websites you have arrived at the right place. This is just the free classifieds in india ad space you are looking for. Classified ads will be posted here free of cost in an organised manner so that people who you are trying to reach will get a clear idea of what you have to offer. So go ahead and post a free ad and get in touch with our users. We have simplified the free ad posting system on our website for better results. is leading among free india classified sites and is also trusted by our users. You can submit your details free of cost and also request us to delete it when you are done, so that you do not keep recieving unwanted mails or calls. We filter out spam as the entries are done manually and spamsters can not manipulate the free ads posted by them. Each ad is gone through and accepted by our expert, so that unwanted and spam ads are not overshadowing your ad. Please post your ads for free and we will approve it as soon as possible. Post free ads in india and see how you get in touch with the world through these free indian classifieds. This is one of the free classified ad site that gives you results.

As for our readers, you can see that gives you a clutter free ads experience. Feel free to contact service providers and make most of these ad posts.

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Free Classifieds India

We have redone this page to make it clutter free. Please go to individual Classifieds category link and find loads of subcategories for your Classified advertisement needs.

Premium Classified Ads

Your Classifieds Ad above the Free Classifieds

Premium Classified ads on are charged at different rates based on the type of Premium ad you want. The ads can be upgraded and renewed anytime you wish.

Type Classifieds Rates Duration
Platinum Rs.1500 1 Year
Gold Rs.850 6 Months
Silver Rs.500 3 Months

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Free Classified Sites In India

Classified ads have been revenue generators for newspapers and journals from as long as their existence. Indian Classifieds too have been great revenue generators and the concept of Free Classifieds was made popular by a couple of dedicated free ads papers which were available once or twice a week. None of the regular newspapers however introduced Free Ads or Free Classified Sections in their newspapers.

However, with the advent of the internet and the growing net users, free Classified sites which allowed you to post free ads have become very popular. These free ads sites could offer free Classifieds as they were either started by individuals or by companies that had good funding. Soon the banner ads and the pay-per-click system allowed these Classified sites, to make money from their classifieds.

Now a days Classifieds sites come a dime a dozen and only few of these free classifieds in India have managed to make an impact and reach the people at large. is an Indian Classifieds website that carries free Indian Classifieds and allows users to post free ads in India, and also has a good reach for these free Indian Classifieds. is one of the leading free India Classified sites. We hope to get your continued patronage.

List of Top Indian free classified sites


How to advertise your business online for free?

Some of the major questions that business owners are asking these days for free website promotion is -
  • How to use free classifieds sites for online promotions?
  • What are the free advertising sites for small business?
  • How to advertise your business online for free?
  • How to promote website free of cost?
  • Where to advertise online for free?
  • Which are the top free online advertising sites?
  • How to promote my website for free on google?
  • How to advertise my business locally?
  • where is the free business advertising online?

    The list of questions is endless and even include queries like - how to post free classified ads without registration. Many entreprenuers are looking for free local classified ads websites to promote their business. They may not have a separate budget alloted to advertise their product and services so they keep looking for free classifieds ads online and free classified ads sites.

    Posting ads on a classified site is the cheapest and easiest way to spread your wings and one should try to post in as many websites as possible. You never where your prospective clients are lurking! It is a good idea to register before you post. You can maintain the logins and urls in a neat excell sheet and every few weeks go and update your details. Fix a certain amount of time in a week when you do the postings about your services. Try to post different things on different classified sites so as to not do a damaging copy paste stuff. Its good to practise writing about your business sphere. It gives you clarity and when you do get the calls you are in a better position to explain and convince your prospect.

    Even though freeclassifieds are free, they are pretty serious about what they are doing and we recommend you too should be as careful in your approach as you would be if you had to pay for the ads.